The 2022-23 is partially guaranteed at $16 million. 202…

The 2022-23 is partially guaranteed at $16 million. 2023-24 is guaranteed for just $7.6 million. And the final season, in 2024-25 is now fully non-guaranteed. Isaac’s cap hit will remain $17.4 million per season, as Orlando will only receive cap relief if Isaac is waived. There’s no indication that waiving the versatile forward is on the table at this time. Isaac recently said he’s feeling good and hopes to be fully available to play at the start of next season.
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Since these bench decorum issues generally have been resolved after the league intervenes, technical fouls have not been used a deterrent, and the league does not plan to start issuing techs during the conference finals. However, the topic will be discussed in the offseason, and the league will explore ways to address bench decorum during games in real time, a person with knowledge of the situation told USA TODAY Sports.
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