Devin Booker finished fourth in MVP voting, meaning he …

Devin Booker finished fourth in MVP voting, meaning he will likely be one of the six guards selected for All-NBA honors this season. This would make him eligible to sign the supermax extension this offseason. It is currently projected at four years, $210.9 million, which would give him a starting salary of $47.1 million starting in 2024-25 and a $58.4 million salary in 2027-28. Look for the Suns to lock up their franchise player.

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Devin Booker. This extension doesn’t make sense mainly because signing it would disqualify him from potentially signing a supermax extension should he earn All-NBA honors in the next two seasons. Also, he stands to earn more money and years on a new contract should he make it to 2024 free agency. Probability of extending: Weak.
Bobby Marks: Here is the breakdown of the $158M rookie max extension for Devin Booker that starts in 2019-20: $27.3M, $29.4M, $31.6M, $33.8M and $36.0M. The Suns will lose $17.4M in cap space next year and now project to have $21M in room before first-round picks...…
Scott Bordow: Ariza press conference tomorrow. No news on Booker extension but possibly something by end of weekend. Again, expect the deal to get done
Phoenix General Manager Ryan McDonough described the meeting as “productive” and that the parameters of a maximum contract were discussed. He said there is “mutual interest from both sides in working to finalize a deal.”
Any deal can’t be signed until July 6, the conclusion of the free agent moratorium. If the deal is consummated, Booker, 21, will become the highest-paid player in Suns history.
Adrian Wojnarowski: Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns are progressing toward finalizing a 5-year, $158M maximum contract extension as soon as the weekend, league sources tell ESPN. Suns presented the offer to Booker in Los Angeles today.
The Suns may be closing in on a five-year contract extension for star guard Devin Booker. A Suns source confirmed Sunday night that Booker and his representative, Leon Rose, will meet with Suns’ Managing General Partner Robert Sarver and General Manager Ryan McDonough Tuesday in Los Angeles to discuss the framework of the extension. Booker is eligible for a five-year deal worth $158 million. The contract would not kick in until the 2019-2020 season.
"I've been treated right from the day I was drafted, even when I was a rookie and didn't play much," Booker told azcentral sports. "The city of Phoenix took me in with open arms and made me a part of their family. I've learned the history and traditions of the team. I know how much the city cares about the franchise and that means a lot to me, playing somewhere where people actually care about the franchise. I love it here, I bought a house here and I intend to be here for a long time.
Scott Bordow: Interesting tweet here. There's no question Ulis' release was going to make Booker unhappy. They're best friends. Whether it will affect his long-term thoughts about Phoenix is the question.
Booker said in October that he would be willing to sign the five-year, $156 million contract extension the Suns can offer him this summer. Asked if anything – or everything – that has happened this season has changed his mind, he chuckled and said: “I mean, that’s a whole other discussion. A lot goes into that. When that time comes I’ll have to make a decision.” But then he added, “I’ve always said this is the place I want to be so if everything works out, yeah.”
That transition will accelerate this summer when the Suns are expected to offer Booker a five-year max contract extension worth $156 million. Once Booker signs that piece of paper, the responsibility of leading Phoenix back to the playoffs after an eight-year drought will be his to bear. “To (whom) much is given, much is expected,” Dudley said. “Before it was, ‘Hey, we’ll give you three years to feel the NBA out.’ When he gets his max contract, it will all be asked of him.”
Ever envision yourself going into that Ring? “Definitely,” he answers, without hesitation. “I love it in Phoenix and I want to be one of those guys that gets drafted by one team and stays there the whole time. You know, they turn around the franchise, and they get love for that in that city like they’re the mayor…People still wear Steve Nash jerseys here. That’s definitely something I want to be.”
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