What was the thought process with not adding a big ente…

What was the thought process with not adding a big entering the trade deadline, and how have you seen the team adjust toward not having a traditional center? Myers: The league is realizing that size is really important, but it’s more about positional size than size at the center spot. We didn’t have a great option available to us. Secondly, I was under the impression we would have James Wiseman. He was trending well. We thought he’d be back, ready to go and help us with that vertical space. That didn’t happen and his rehab hit a bump in the road post deadline. That put us in a tough spot, and the market was pretty dry. We had to march forward. Size still matters. But Looney’s been an unbelievable, steadfast guy that often gets overlooked. When we need to go bigger, Draymond and Looney have shown they can do it. They’re capable. They’re not 7-feet tall, but they’re versatile, switchable and very smart. We found a way. We’ll see if it keeps working and if we continue to win.

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Adrian Wojnarowski: ESPN Sources: Golden State Warriors center James Wiseman has been ruled out for the rest of the season and will continue rehabilitating his right knee. Wiseman has been recovering from a meniscus repair last April, and the team has been cautious to protect him for the long-term.
Kerith Burke: Following the news of knee swelling for James Wiseman, Kerr said Bob Myers and his group are "constantly looking at options" at who might be available to help. Don't expect another Bogut return though. "Nothing like that on the horizon."
The Warriors only have 12 games left and there had been an expectation that Wiseman — particularly in the four remaining back-to-backs — would return in time to get some valuable developmental reps before the playoffs. That possibility is becoming more unlikely. Wiseman had surgery for a torn meniscus last April. This has been a tricky 11-month recovery. Swelling slowed his progress in December and forced a second procedure, this one a scope to clean up some loose bodies.
James Wiseman returned to Santa Cruz, Calif., with his team after the game. He will review film with Seth Cooper and his staff on Friday, practice with Santa Cruz on Saturday and play in another game for them on Sunday at Chase Center. After that, the Warriors will determine whether he’s ready for a promotion and a test drive (maybe in the second unit?) with the big club.
Golden State Warriors PR: Warriors assign James Wiseman to Santa Cruz pic.twitter.com/vB84tU8aSU
Anthony Slater: Big news from the Warriors: James Wiseman will play for the Santa Cruz Warriors on Thursday and Sunday this week. I’ve previously been told that once he’s physically cleared for G-League, he’s cleared for NBA action, whenever team deems him ready.
Kendra Andrews: Kerr notes that Wiseman looks really good, and his conditioning is coming along. He also emphasized how much Wiseman needs reps. “Let’s temper the expectations.” He’s still considered day to day.

Anthony Slater: James Wiseman is getting in a 3-on-3 scrimmage tonight in Minnesota and is moving well. Warriors remain unwilling to give any detailed update/target. Steve Kerr: “I’m going to continue to express what I’ve expressed in recent weeks. It’s day-to-day.”
Anthony Slater: James Wiseman went through the Warriors’ 12-minute full squad contact scrimmage tonight in Portland. Still no exact plan for his return target, but everything continuing to trend well.
Mark Haynes: Steve Kerr on James Wiseman at practice today: "It's just great to see him back out on the floor, seeing him smiling, seeing him happy. It's all good stuff, but we'll just keep taking it a day at a time. No proclamations, no plans beyond the next day, and we'll go from there."
Jason Dumas: James Wiseman update after his full contact scrimmage in Portland tonight: pic.twitter.com/rasGULXRiq

Dieter Kurtenbach of the Bay Area News Group told his cohost Cyrus Saatsaz on Locked on Warriors off air of an actual target date that the team is looking at for Wiseman’s debut this season. Saatsaz mentions this on the February 18 episode of Locked On Warriors podcast around the 26 minute mark. “Dieter revealed…a source tells him that James Wiseman will be playing on March 1…before we finally see the former #2 pick on the court.”
Connor Letourneau: James Wiseman on the numerous setbacks he’s navigated early in his NBA career: “I just look at it as a marathon. It’s a long race.”
With James Wiseman advancing to full-contact 5-on-5 workouts on Tuesday, for the first time in more than 10 months, there finally is some clarity regarding his return to the Warriors.W Barring yet another setback – and all has gone well in recent weeks, according to team sources – the 7-foot-1 center conceivably could be ready for game action within a couple weeks after the Feb. 17-23 All-Star break.
Kendra Andrews: James Wiseman will participate in his first 5-on-5 scrimmage today, I’m told. Warriors GM Bob Myers first told @MorningRoast957 that he thought that was the plan heading into today.
Anthony Slater: Can confirm that James Wiseman will advance to 5-on-5 scrimmaging today for the first time since his injury. It'll consist of a mix of some of the Warriors' young players, coaches, staffers at the SF facility. Bob Myers first told @MorningRoast957 of the plan this morning.
But guess what? Green is out with a concerning disk issue and on a similarly vague recovery timeline that probably won’t see his return until near or around the All-Star break. The trade deadline is only a few weeks away. Is it time for the Warriors to go searching for center help? No, sources insist, the front office doesn’t have any current plans to add outside help to shore up the center spot in the immediate. Marc Gasol has hinted at a possible NBA return in the coming months. Paul Millsap, whom the Warriors discussed adding this summer, is in search of another team. But don’t expect a shake-up.
Whose roster spot would even be vulnerable? Not the rookies. It’s why you don’t hear about them in any trade rumors. They’re protected. Gary Payton II, the last guy on the ship, is safe. He’s been too good. Bjelica’s skill and floor spacing are valued, despite his uneven production. It’d probably be a choice among Bjelica, Damion Lee and Juan Toscano-Anderson if a roster spot needed to be vacated. But one doesn’t. This isn’t 2017 when the Warriors hoarded centers for all occasions. It’s the opposite. They’re clearly more comfortable handing 12 playoff minutes to a Lee or Toscano-Anderson, familiar and trusted within their unique system, than any traditional big available to them on the vet-minimum market.
But the Warriors pumped the brakes on clearing Wiseman for full contact and, as the next several weeks turned into a month and beyond, would only say that Wiseman was still waiting for Rick Celebrini to clear him for contact. That’s because he needed that arthroscopic surgery, which pulled him out of any strenuous activity. Wiseman has spent the past month building toward full-contact activity. It’s generally trending in the right direction. He is now back on road trips with the Warriors, doing individual work and, according to Steve Kerr, expected to be cleared for some three-on-three and eventually five-on-five work in the days and weeks ahead.
Ohm Youngmisuk: Steve Kerr says Klay Thompson will travel with the team on its upcoming back-to-back at Dallas and New Orleans. James Wiseman, who has cleared protocols, will not travel with team as he continues to make his way back.
When Wiseman is cleared to return, he’ll have his playing time restricted. Odds are that, at most, he will log 10-15 minutes a night this season. As Kerr, Myers and others have stressed to Wiseman, what matters is how he looks a couple of years from now — not a couple of months. “There’s a lot of great stuff to come — not just this season, but for the next 15 years,” Kerr said. “Ultimately, this will just be a bump in the road. Still, I know he’s anxious.”
Connor Letourneau: James Wiseman is on the court getting work in. Warriors are debating whether he'll come on the trip tomorrow. If he stays, he'll hopefully have contact work when the team comes back.
Those closest to Wiseman’s recovery insist that this length of an absence was always in the reasonable realm. Meniscus timelines are high variance and vague, listed in the 6-9 month range if you go the repair route, which Wiseman did.
Connor Letourneau: James Wiseman is doing 2-on-2 work, but has yet to get cleared for scrimmaging. "We're just trying to be patient and do the best thing we can for James," Steve Kerr said.
Anthony Slater: Here’s a full update on Klay Thompson and James Wiseman from Steve Kerr. -Klay has been playing 5-on-5, but “that doesn’t mean he’s gonna step on an NBA court next week” -Wiseman still hasn’t been cleared for 5-on-5 pic.twitter.com/F6W41gjHkf
James Wiseman, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, has yet to suit up this season due to a knee injury but could be back as soon as Thanksgiving week, according to NBC Sports Bay Area's Monte Poole. Klay Thompson, who has missed the past two seasons with a pair of leg injuries, is also waiting in the wings.
In a few weeks, Santa Cruz is an option, either for scrimmages behind closed doors or full G League games, I’m told. He could use all the low-stakes game reps he can get and those are more available in Santa Cruz, where an NBA playoff chase isn’t happening. But there’s a chance, considering their thin frontcourt and lack of a lob threat, the Warriors’ coaching staff may prefer having Wiseman as a rotation option as immediately as possible, even for a tiny role.
Even once it comes, Wiseman won’t get thrust right back into games. This will be a slow buildup. I’ve heard a full clearance is expected in the next couple of weeks. He was spotted after shootaround in Los Angeles running the court end-to-end at near-full speed under the watchful eye of Celebrini.
Is that the best way to ease Wiseman back into rhythm? Will that produce the best version of Wiseman by March? Those are the conversations that will come in the weeks ahead as he tip-toes closer. But it won’t be a back-and-forth situation, sources indicate. Wiseman won’t toggle between the big club and Santa Cruz depending on the night. There might be an extended G League rehab stint early, but once he’s back with the main club, he will be there for good.

“We should,” Wiseman told NBC Sports Bay Area's Monte Poole about still working out with Garnett this summer. “I’m getting better rapidly, at a high rate. I’m getting better each day because I’m taking care of myself. It should still happen. For sure. I would be super excited. KG is one of my favorite players. KG, his intensity is crazy. I most definitely would love to work out with KG. That’s one of my dreams.”
Anthony Slater: Steph Curry on James Wiseman: "I hit him earlier today to let him know he has to think bigger picture. He's 20 years old. He's got a lot of basketball ahead of him. He has an opportunity now to flip a terrible situation on its head and work on his body, work on his mind."
Golden State Warriors rookie center James Wiseman will have surgery Thursday in Los Angeles to repair a meniscus injury in his right knee, coach Steve Kerr said Wednesday. "We won't know the extent of what we're looking at until after the surgery," Kerr said, prior to the Warriors taking on the Thunder in Oklahoma City.
Kendra Andrews: Steve Kerr says James Wiseman is in LA and will have surgery tomorrow. Says he and the Warriors won't exactly know what they're looking at in terms of the recovery process until then.
James Wiseman will undergo right knee surgery later this week, either Thursday or Friday, per league sources. It’s a crucial moment for the Warriors’ near-term outlook and an early-career pivot point for the rookie center. The results of the surgery will determine the expected return timetable, which ranges from a shorter 4-6-week absence to a possible multi-month recovery that would severely limit his offseason availability.
Adrian Wojnarowski: Warriors center James Wiseman has suffered a meniscus injury in his right knee, sources tell ESPN. No timeline on a return yet.
Shams Charania: Warriors rookie James Wiseman is feared to be out for the remainder of the season, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium.
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