What happened to Kevin Pangos, who signed the contract,…

What happened to Kevin Pangos, who signed the contract, but never appeared in the team’s location? CSKA Moscow president Andrey Vatunin: By an amazing coincidence, we signed all the documents with Kevin on February 23rd. (ed. note: On 24 February 2022, Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine). He thought for a long time about whether to join the team or not, but in the end, he chose to stay in Canada. Both sides continue to discuss the future. Here, again, an important role will be played by the possibility of our team playing in the Euroleague.

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Donatas Urbonas: I've heard that (CSKA Moscow) are actually pushing again for Kevin Pangos. I've heard that they also improved the offer for Kevin Pangos. Again, he's not playing a lot recently.
Many European fans claim that it’s a crime for Kevin Pangos to be in the G League and on the bench of an NBA team during his prime years. What do you say to that? Kevin Pangos: I honestly don’t listen to it. But that’s their opinion. For me, playing at the highest level is something that everyone should aspire to do. And it’s no secret that the NBA has the best players in the world. Not taking anything away from European basketball, cause obviously I know how talentedpeople are there, but you don’t see guys like Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and those type-level players overseas. So, for me, it’s an opportunity to challenge myself against the best players in the world. That’s what wakes me up in the morning; trying to continue to make myself the best player I can be and reach my full potential.
A few EuroLeague teams are currently searching for star point guards. Are youhearing any noise on that? Kevin Pangos: I really have no idea. I’ve been following EuroLeague, I enjoy watching the competition, I have a lot of friends over there. But I haven’theard anything about particular situations. For myself, I’m obviously here in Cleveland, so I’m not sure.
NBA season is long and unpredictable. The upcoming trade deadline might move some pieces out of Cleveland. For example, Ricky Rubio is on an expiring contract and could be a desirable trade target. But this is just speculation. What is clear is that it's a crime to have Pangos in the G League at his peak. The main question is if he can find the situation he deserves in the NBA. If not, Pangos is still considered one of the top targets in the EuroLeague market. For instance, CSKA Moscow are still looking for a point guard. Dimitris Itoudis would be more than happy to find Pangos under the Christmas tree in Moscow.
The Cleveland Cavaliers have signed guard Kevin Pangos, Cavaliers General Manager Koby Altman announced today.
Chris Fedor: Kevin Pangos will get a two-year deal for the veteran minimum from #Cavs to be the third point guard they were looking for this offseason. The first year is fully guaranteed. High basketball IQ. Can play the 1 or 2. Great shooter. Winner. Lots of experience.
Keith Smith: Looks like the Cavs dipped into their MLE to give Kevin Pangos a first-year salary that's the equivalent to a two-year NBA veteran minimum deal. I like it for the Cavs. Good, low-cost, no-risk move. At worst, he's a good third PG to have around. But could end up a lot better.
One of the best point guards of the EuroLeague, Kevin Pangos, has another potential destination in the NBA. Per BasketNews sources, the Cleveland Cavaliers are interested in adding a member of the All-EuroLeague team. According to sources, the Memphis Grizzlies was the most likely destination for Pangos at the start of the NBA free agency. But Memphis made few trades recently, and they're currently loaded with point guards. The Grizzlies have Ja Morant, Tyus Jones, and Rajon Rondo on their backcourt.
Although Drew Hill of the Daily Memphian reports that Rondo is not expected to be with Memphis at the start of the season, BasketNews sources say that Grizzlies could offer Pangos an exhibit 10 contract only. That means Pangos contract wouldn't be guaranteed, and the team could waive him before the regular season or flip it into a two-way deal. Per BasketNews sources, a guaranteed contract was always a priority for Pangos.
Kevin Pangos established himself once more as one of the top EuroLeague point guards, but he may also be one more export from the old continent to the NBA. While the player has an offer from Zenit St. Petersburg, he is also on the wish list of Barcelona, and clubs like CSKA Moscow and Anadolu Efes that may soon be on the market for a floor general also have him on their radar.
Orazio Cauchi: Adding up to reports from @Urbodo : apart from NBA interest, Kevin Pangos is in the radar of Barcelona, according to a source. The Spanish team is planning to offer him a rich three-year deal, according to a source.
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