Per usual, the Thunder are exceptionally difficult to g…

Per usual, the Thunder are exceptionally difficult to get a read on, with most teams penciling in Holmgren at No. 2. But no one I’ve spoken to is willing to call it a lock. The odds are Oklahoma City’s intentions will remain obscured until the last possible minute. I still think they wind up with Holmgren, but teams picking behind the Thunder are still operating with contingencies in place if they don’t take him. While it would be a surprise at this point, I’ll just note that Jaden Ivey and Paolo Banchero are still viewed by many around the league as legitimate candidates to go at No. 2. And it’s well-known by now that the Rockets are hoping for Banchero to fall to them at No. 3.
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July 5, 2022 | 5:38 am EDT Update

Sasha Vezenkov close to deal with Kings?

The Sacramento Kings looked back at a player selected in the 2017 NBA Draft with only the 57th pick. The Brooklyn Nets chose this player, but his rights were transferred to the Cleveland Cavaliers during the blockbuster James Harden trade. No other team was as excited as the Kings. Talking with BasketNews, Vezenkov admitted – he’s the closest to the NBA he’s ever been. “I knew the Kings were interested in me, they watched me play during the season,” Vezenkov said. “I wasn’t sure when or how this was going to turn out. I’m telling everybody now that all I know and all I’m happy about is that my rights belong to a team that is interested in me. The Kings show the attention and want to see me.”
July 4, 2022 | 10:35 pm EDT Update

Nets willing to drag on trade talks for Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving into training camp

With four years left on Kevin Durant’s contract, and Kyrie Irving having opted in to the last year of his deal, the Nets have leverage and every intention of using it. And league personnel say the Nets have implied if they don’t get what they want, this could well drag on into training camp.