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July 6, 2022 | 12:44 pm EDT Update
July 6, 2022 | 12:24 pm EDT Update

Pels: Contract extensions coming for CJ McCollum and Larry Nance Jr.?

The New Orleans Pelicans have interest in signing CJ McCollum and Larry Nance Jr. to contract extensions. The Pelicans acquired both players from the Portland Trail Blazers in February, which helped turn around their season and become a playoff team. “It sounds like CJ McCollum is having some contract extension talks with the Pelicans,” said Brian Windhorst. “I’m not sure when he can actually sign that, Andrew. I know he signed his last contract extension in 2019.”

'Very preliminary' trade discussions between Pelicans and Nets for Kevin Durant?

Windhorst hinted that there have been discussions and Lopez said he “assumes” there have been talks. But both said it would probably be, at this point, very preliminary. Windhorst: “I don’t know what they’re offering. Maybe they haven’t offered him yet but if you put Griff (David Griffin, EVP of the Pelicans) on the stand and ask, ‘did you offer Brandon Ingram?’ he’d say, ‘No, your honor that is not accurate, I suppose. I mean if they are having conversations, they have to know it would involve Ingram. They’re not taking, with all due respect, a hot package around CJ McCollum.” Lopez: “I assume that has been discussed. But of course If that was an offer there. If it was ‘offered.”
In a Hoop Collective conversation late Tuesday, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst and Andrew Lopez discussed whether the Pelicans and Nets might agree to a trade centered on Kevin Durant and Brandon Ingram … and possibly New Orleans draft pick from June’s Draft, Dyson Daniels. While at times the conversation appeared speculative, the sense of the conversation was that conversations may have already taken place between Brooklyn and New Orleans. Windhorst noted that while New Orleans has not been seen as part of the first order of Nets trading partners — Phoenix, Miami and Toronto — it could provide a “clean” deal for the Nets. No need for a third team.