During his show on 620 Rip City Radio in Portland, host…

During his show on 620 Rip City Radio in Portland, host Chad Doing mentioned that he had heard that the announcers would not go on the road with the Blazers. His co-host, Dwight Jaynes, then confirmed the report. “I have confirmed from several sources that that is the plan for the Trail Blazers,” Jaynes said. “That they will not be sending radio or television on the road with their team. Also, what I’ve heard and I’ve tried to check this out, I have not found any other team in the league that’s doing this. I believe they may be the only team in the league doing it — when they’re on the road. And I just think that’s really unfortunate and difficult.”
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September 27, 2022 | 11:52 am EDT Update
Brian Windhorst: Any any explanation to the intrigue on why Rob Pelinka And Darvin Ham delayed their press conference by five days? … Why would they do that? Why would they do that? Dave McMenamin: I just know around the same time that occurred we were hearing from the Pacers GM that Myles Turner will for sure be with the team to start training camp so I don’t know.
“He does not want to, but if you ask around, I think there is a sense that he would,” a Western Conference executive told Deveney. “There is a limit on how much they’re going to spend to keep this thing together and because they have young guys are just about every position, they’re approaching it like there’s no one outside of Steph that they have to keep. Look, it would suck for them if Draymond left, it would suck to call up Steph and have to tell him, but Draymond has made it clear he is about player power. If he gets a big offer from Detroit as one example or maybe Dallas or the Lakers, somewhere he would like to play? He is not going to be shy about leaving. He understands this business.”
Jaylen Brown can’t help. “I wish we had more details,” Brown said. Jayson Tatum had nothing, either. “I just don’t know,” Tatum said. Marcus Smart had a blunt assessment of what the last few days have been like. “It’s been hell for us,” Smart said. Days removed from the announcement of head coach Ime Udoka’s season-long suspension, the Celtics appeared at the team’s annual media day searching for answers. They know Udoka has been exiled for team violations, which sources told Sports Illustrated was connected to an intimate relationship with a female staff member.