The first picture in Damian Lillard’s July 9 Instagra…

The first picture in Damian Lillard’s July 9 Instagram post was a family photo of himself, his wife and three young children. If you continue to swipe through the Portland Trail Blazers star’s post from that day, there were also photos of his agent Aaron Goodwin, Blazers general manager Joe Cronin and finally him practicing his very valuable jump shot. Lillard made the Instagram post after signing a two-year, $122 million extension with the Blazers. If the six-time NBA All-Star completes his contract with Portland through the 2026-27 NBA season, he will have made nearly half a billion dollars. Knowing that his generational wealth could have a long-term impact on his immediate family and close friends, Lillard also thanked the Blazers in the post for “allowing me to take care of generations of my family.”
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October 1, 2022 | 5:22 pm EDT Update

Shaquille O'Neal interested in potentially joining Jeff Bezos bid to buy Suns

Shaquille O’Neal ain’t down to outspend Jeff Bezos for the Phoenix Suns … but if the billionaire wants to join forces in an effort to own the NBA franchise — The Big Diesel tells TMZ Sports he’s in for that! Shaq says he initially had interest in buying Robert Sarver’s share of the org. after the disgraced owner announced last month he was putting it up for sale — but when he found out Bezos potentially wanted in, he was all out. Shaq explained even with his deep pockets — he’s reportedly got a net worth of around $400 MILLION — he wanted no part in competing with Bezos’ checkbook.