I’ve heard that you’ve done tremendous things to he…

I’ve heard that you’ve done tremendous things to help relatives and other loved ones. You call it “Home Team.” Can you talk about the help you’ve given? Damian Lillard: ‘Home Team,’ it’s a gift and a curse because I come from a tight family. Literally in the summer, I’d be in my grandparents’ house with 25 cousins. We went to the park together, rode bikes and caught the bus and everything. Went to the Boys & Girls Club as a unit. So, when you had that type of connection with so many people and then you just become successful and not everybody is struggling. But people have a hard time here and there. And I just don’t feel comfortable knowing that I have what I have and then people are just struggling. And then when they reach out to you, I feel like it’s kind of my job to help them. And I think in the beginning more so than now, even though it’s always going to be that way from time to time, in the beginning, my family had never had that type of access to that level of success or that type of money.
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October 1, 2022 | 3:41 pm EDT Update