Arenas, Butler and Jamison technically reunited the nig…

Arenas, Butler and Jamison technically reunited the night before. That’s when Arenas came back to Capital One Arena for the first time in years, walking onto the same court where he became a household name. They also had dinner with season ticket holders. “The love has just been unreal, like I’m still averaging about 30 and still the man,” Arenas said. Head coach Wes Unseld Jr. was a young assistant back during the heyday of the ‘Big 3,’ so it was a treat for him to see the three former NBA All-Stars back together again. “There were some laughs and also some tears,” Unseld Jr. said of the reunion.
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Gary Harris on Paolo Banchero: 'He ain't normal'

The mere notion that Banchero could potentially hit the rookie wall was quickly shot down by teammates Wendell Carter Jr. and Gary Harris. The start by Banchero is something Harris has never seen. “He is not no normal rookie. He ain’t normal at all. He is hungry. He wants to be great. He is willing to learn. He wants to be coached. He is taking it in all on the fly and he is 20 years old so this is a lot for him. In halfway through the season, I’ve never seen anybody come into the league like he has come into the league with just how locked in, focused and how mature he is. He already is special. He is special.”