Brian Windhorst: The problem is, I don't think that the…

Brian Windhorst: The problem is, I don’t think that the sons want Grayson Allen and that’s not a perfect swap for them. So there’s been some attempts to bring in a third team and I always say a three-team trade is a no-team trade. Obviously, they happen, they happen every year. But trust me, a huge percentage of the three-team trades die, because it’s so very hard to satisfy all three parties.
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Gary Harris on Paolo Banchero: 'He ain't normal'

The mere notion that Banchero could potentially hit the rookie wall was quickly shot down by teammates Wendell Carter Jr. and Gary Harris. The start by Banchero is something Harris has never seen. “He is not no normal rookie. He ain’t normal at all. He is hungry. He wants to be great. He is willing to learn. He wants to be coached. He is taking it in all on the fly and he is 20 years old so this is a lot for him. In halfway through the season, I’ve never seen anybody come into the league like he has come into the league with just how locked in, focused and how mature he is. He already is special. He is special.”