Malik Beasley: The expectation with us going into the s…

Malik Beasley: The expectation with us going into the season was we were all underdogs. Collin Sexton, Lauri Markkanen, and Jarred Vanderbilt. Me and Jarred came from playoff teams. I’m not saying we were the main factors, but we did play a nice part in changing Denver into a playoff team and then Minnesota. When we came in, we heard what was expected out of us to be a tanking team, but a lot of the guys in the locker room during training camp said, “Let’s be great.” We have a nice team. If we put it together the right way, we could be really good. To start off, none of us had egos. We all wanted to prove that we’re a special team.
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NBA, NBPA not close to a deal on new collective bargaining agreement

Far more crucially: Dec. 15, 2022, is also the deadline in the NBA’s current collective bargaining agreement for both sides — either the league or the players — to give notice that it is opting out of the existing labor deal. The NBA’s current labor pact runs through the 2023-24 season, but an opt-out from either side in the next nine days would sound immediate alarm bells because A) it essentially breaks the contract effective at the end of this season and B) it’s a measure that instantly makes the threat of a lockout tangible.
Sources say that the league’s increasingly determined pursuit of an Upper Spending Limit as we revealed in October — its version of a broad Hard Cap without calling it a Hard Cap — remains the No. 1 stumbling block in recent negotiations. There are certainly other issues, such as the ongoing wrangle about the league’s desire to lower the draft-eligible age limit back to 18 and (among numerous related concerns) how that would impact subsequent rookie scale contract lengths, but the USL is clearly Obstacle No. 1.