Alas, nearly two decades removed from the height of the…

Alas, nearly two decades removed from the height of the Spurs/Lakers rivalry, Popovich admits that there is realistically little of that animus that lingers from those peak levels of enmity between the teams … even when they’re in the same building. “Do I have to be honest?” Popovich said. “It ain’t the same. We always talked about the Cold War and the Soviet Union, and when that was no more it was a real letdown. … They’re still the Lakers, but after we went up against Shaq and Kobe so many times, for so many years, it’s hard to negate that and say: ‘Nah. This is the same.’ It’s just not.”
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February 5, 2023 | 3:55 pm EST Update
Kyrie Irving, 30, opted into the final season of his deal in the summer but requested a trade earlier this week after failing to reach an agreement with Brooklyn on an extension. Irving has been seeking in the neighborhood of a four-year, $198.5 million maximum extension available to him until June 30, sources said. He is also eligible to sign a two-year, $78.6 million extension with the Mavericks until June 30.
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Giannis posted video on Sunday of a great interaction he had with a young fan in the tunnel. Giannis saw a sign, challenging him in Rock Paper Scissors for his shoes, and Giannis jumped at the opportunity to take on the young kid. The fan showed paper, and Giannis showed rock. Without hesitation, Antetokounmpo took off his shoes (removed the insoles) and gave them to the kid.

February 5, 2023 | 3:47 pm EST Update