“Otis is going to be famous for making the Rashard Le…

“Otis is going to be famous for making the Rashard Lewis deal and letting Dwight Howard go, and hopefully he doesn’t let him go. “One, they should show him a little bit more respect. And two, they should really get another dominant player in there. “If you look at the history of the league, most [successful] teams have had a definite 1-2 punch. Right now in Orlando you only have a 1 punch, so . . . “No one can really do it by themselves. When you have Otis on TV saying, ‘We’re not going to do what he wants us to do,’ you just give a guy ammunition to say, ‘You know what? I’m tired of this, I want to go somewhere else.’ ’’
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May 26, 2022 | 4:33 am EDT Update

Bulls confident about keeping Zach LaVine

He offered that with a caveat though. “I’m just reporting what I was hearing at the Combine – and that is multiple people connected to other teams, agents, etc., the chatter at that Combine, the representation of that chatter is that Zach is very much in play,” Johnson said. “Now that said, the Bulls are still very confident in their ability to re-sign Zach LaVine. Michael Reinsdorf has said it. Arturas Karnisovas has said it. They still have the power to pay him more than any other franchise.”
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“Same player,” Brown said from the first half to the second. “Just had to get settled in. That’s it. As the game wears on, some of that energy, some of that intensity starts to wear off, so the game opens up a little bit. The game opened up for me in the second half. “I didn’t want to get down. I didn’t want to look into the past, think that this game was over. My team needed me to come out and respond. “First half was s—. Threw it away. [Just] come out, play basketball in the second half.”
Boston’s path to this moment has not been the idyllic storybook tale — at least not yet — but it has been awfully effective just the same. “The mental stress and strain we put on some teams with our defense has worked and carried us through the playoffs at times,” Udoka said. “You saw in the Brooklyn [Nets] series, guys started to wear down. Game 7, [Giannis] Antetokounmpo slowed down some. But having all those bodies to continue to throw at people wears down on them.”