In an interview Tuesday, as he sat in his old team's pr…

In an interview Tuesday, as he sat in his old team’s practice gym, Lewis revealed that it took him months to come to terms with the blockbuster trade. He went from a team with legitimate NBA title aspirations to a team headed for the NBA lottery. And although he had heard rumors that a trade was in the offing, the deal still caught him by surprise. “At the time, when the trade happened, it was a blow,” Lewis recalled. “It was a huge blow. My main focus was to try and win the NBA championship for the city of Orlando. We got close one year. We’d been to the Eastern Conference finals the year after that. It was nothing but good times here when we were winning ballgames, and I put everything into trying to bring a championship for this city and for this team. It just seemed like it came crashing down all in one day.”
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