The problem, Balayon said, was that some people in the …

The problem, Balayon said, was that some people in the organization got “too excited” about Japeth and claimed he played like Kevin Durant. On the day of the tryout, the team introduced former NBA player Reggie Theus as the new head coach, and Balayon said this caused some problems. “[Theus] had no input on who would be in the tryouts because he was just brought in so I think he was not as invested in it,” he continued. “The assistants from last year as well as other staff were the ones who organized the tryouts. So after being told Japeth played like KD and that he was the one to be looked at first, Theus was already being set with the wrong expectations. “They forced him to play center and power forward, not the SF, which we have been really working on. So even though Japeth played decently, Theus had unrealistic expectations, through no fault of his own.”
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September 24, 2021 | 3:01 pm EDT Update
The emergence earlier this month of Rosas’ consensual romantic relationship with a female team staff member, after Rosas’ tense dealings with eventual successor Sachin Gupta over a Houston offer to Gupta that he was prevented from accepting, gave Taylor the needed justifications to make the change now. Photographic evidence of Rosas in a romantic clinch with his co-worker was widely circulated across the league on Wednesday after his dismissal and promptly usurped even the Simmons situation as the No. 1 topic on the NBA grapevine.
Storyline: Timberwolves Front Office
Example: During the Las Vegas summer league, word circulated that Lore and Rodriguez would have loved to have made a run at Toronto’s Masai Ujiri to lead Minnesota’s front office. Ujiri recently signed a lucrative contract extension to stay with the Raptors — and the Wolves realistically had no shot at him — but the whispered interest only reinforces the notion that Lore and Rodriguez want to make splashy hires.