This is the latest in a monthly series in which industr…

This is the latest in a monthly series in which industry leaders describe the projects and products that give them the most joy and pride. This month, former NBA player and visual artist Desmond Mason reflects on the process of creating “The Wall” in his Oklahoma studio. Desmond Mason: “I’ve always seen art as a way of expressing my feelings, a way to escape my situation, or a way to simply be creative. I’ve learned so much about myself through my creative processes and I’ve always tried to take that knowledge and apply it to my life or the lives of others. Each piece I do has a special place in my heart because it is directly attached to my emotions and my life’s journey. Some of the pieces I’ve created have had significance or importance due to my emotional state, some due to the style, efficiency or creative flow at that time, and some simply because I thought they were my best works. Art is completely subjective and that’s valid even for the artist that actually creates the art piece. Some pieces I’ve created I loved and others I hated or highly dislike, but all in all, I enjoyed the process of creating each one.”
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