NBA rumors: Andre Drummond on Joel Embiid: 'There was never any real beef'

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The third and final Andre Drummond-Joel Embiid matchup of the season didn’t feature any flagrant flops or taunting gestures, as even the league’s resident troll was relatively demure in the Philadelphia 76ers’ 116-102 win over the Detroit Pistons at Wells Fargo Center on Monday. .... Drummond remembers being a teenage rookie and having to psych himself up for games. In this instance, he had to take the reverse approach. “Gotta calm down a bit,” Drummond told Yahoo Sports. “It depends on who you’re playing against. A guy like [Embiid], it’s a show. He puts on a show for everybody. You can’t get caught up into the antics.”
This is a sport of drama and ego, and at the league’s most physical position, Drummond felt compelled to oblige with some of the nonsense. “You know, it brings out your competitive edge when someone’s talking trash, consistently, over and over again,” Drummond said. “It’s gonna wake you up eventually, like, ‘Damn, I need to say something back or do something.’” Drummond admitted that aspect took him out of his comfort zone. “I did a really bad job of feeding into that,” he said. “That’s not who I am. So I can’t really get into that. The last couple games I’ve left it alone and didn’t get into it.”
Vincent Ellis: #Pistons Andre Drummond on rescinded tech and Joel Embiid's flopping warning: "It was a mistake obviously. It shows what kind of player he is. We won the game. That's all that matters."
Last night, Joel Embiid acted his way to a cinematic flop that led to his arch nemesis Andre Drummond being ejected. After the game, Drummond was mad online calling out the “fat outta shape” Embiid on the comment section.
Drummond grabbed a defensive rebound and raised his left arm to fend off Embiid. Embiid could have earned an Emmy for the way he acted. But referee James Williams was fooled and Drummond was hit with his second foul. Embiid yelled: "Get him out of here!" Embiid tried to deflect from Drummond since the Pistons won, but with prodding, he finally gave the reporters what they wanted. "Obviously, on the second [technical], you can see that he hit me and his hand actually touched my face," Embiid said. "So that's his problem. "Like I said, I feel like I own a lot of real estate in his head."
Casey said he didn't see Drummond's second technical foul or what caused it, but his center has to be able to keep his cool in critical moments. "One thing we got to do, we got to keep our head, and I told our team, we hurt ourselves as much as they hurt us," Casey said. "We got to keep our head, and we're learning, we're young. I love our guys, but we get excited, and we just got to maintain our focus, maintain our poise, and don't let a guy talking stuff to you take you out of what you want to do or flop or whatever it was, I really didn't see it.
Vincent Ellis: One thing to note: Drummond made this comment to Kane yesterday. It wasn't in response to the shooting stuff from this morning. It was in response to the no-defense stuff.
Johnny Kane: In response to Embiid, Drummond told me, "I mean you can't really have a conversation with a man who can't play a back-to-back... I've been playing for six years and I've missed maybe 4-5 games. So when he can play a whole season without taking a rest, he can come talk to me."
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