NBA rumors: Anthony Edwards on why he should be Rookie of the Year: I'm scoring the ball at will

You’ve been ballin’, though. You averaged around 24 points a game in March and 23 points a game since the All Star Break. But you aren’t the clear cut choice for Rookie of the Year. What do you think? Are you the Rookie of the Year? Anthony Edwards: Everybody be askin’ me, I just tell them the same thing: Whoever picking the trophy, whatever it’s called, if they think I am, then yeah. If they don’t, then cool. I’m just here to play basketball. I’m tryin’ to be the best that I can be. I think you’re the Rookie of the Year! Tell me why you might be. Edwards: Well, I’m playing at a really high level right now. Like, I’m playing at a really, really high level. I’m scoring the ball at will. I’m getting a lot of steals. I feel like I’m really fun to watch. See, you don’t know if I have a Rookie of the Year vote. I might need some convincing. We know you’re fun. We see it! What else is it? Edwards” Ain’t too much I’mma do convincin’ wise and talkin’ wise. I just like to go to the court. I don’t really do too much talkin’.
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