NBA rumors: Ben Simmons 'has no trade value' around the league right now

Nick Friedell: A couple of Nets notes from @BobbyMarks42 on @KeyJayandMax : 1. Ben Simmons has no value around the league right now in any potential deal. 2. If the Nets decide to move KD — their return would be greater this summer than it would be before Thursday’s trade deadline.
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March 20, 2023 | 8:58 pm EDT Update
Jabari Smith Jr., 19, and Alperen Sengun, 20, the Rockets’ youngest players, speak often about the weight room work they plan for the offseason. The Pelicans’ Jonas Valanciunas spent the two games in Houston showing why. “Jabari, especially, when he gets stronger, he’s going to be a problem, because he’s going to take all that contact and finish at the rim, or not get pushed off his spot,” Silas said. “The same thing for Alpi. He is lower body strong, but he can get stronger and better fit, and when he does that, he’s going to be a problem, as well. They’re going to get some grown man strength as we go here.
March 20, 2023 | 7:56 pm EDT Update