NBA rumors: Bulls making Thaddeus Young available for trade

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Similarly, even if the contracts of Tomas Satoransky and Thad Young become fully guaranteed by Monday’s deadline, that doesn’t mean either or both dependable rotation players are sticking for the long haul. In fact, league sources said Young has been available for a while leading up to the opening of Monday’s official negotiating period for free agents, which — ahem — begins at 5 p.m. CT Monday. And Satoransky could be included if the Pelicans cooperate on a signed-and-traded Ball.
One league source said Young has been dangled as much for productive players as he has been for salary cap space, which would suggest the Bulls are covering all their bases, especially because both the Celtics and possibly the Mavericks continued to be rumored to be in the Ball sweepstakes. Clearing cap space to sign Ball to an offer sheet that the Pelicans matched would be the Bulls' worst-case scenario. Either that, or the Bulls are confident they can execute the Satoranský-for-Ball sign-and-trade scenario.
Joe Cowley: Was just told that the Bulls are taking calls on Thad Young, but want to see what the Gordon market turns into before getting serious. More of a feeling out process than anything.
The Chicago Bulls have drawn interest in versatile forward Thaddeus Young, sources said. But the Bulls, like the Kings, are on the playoff bubble and aren't anxious to be sellers even though they're under .500. They might be willing to make a deal involving another power forward, free agent-to-be Lauri Markkanen, but Young will likely be staying in Chicago.
Bulls executive vice president of basketball operations Arturas Karnisovas is telling teams that Thaddeus Young isn’t available for trade, according to multiple league sources. Executives wonder whether Karnisovas is just posturing to gain leverage since Young is highly sought after, but he does help facilitate development for their youth.
Thaddeus Young: Ayyyyy 🔥 “Thaddeus Young is currently viewed by league executives as a potential game-changer for contending teams: “We took a straw poll of league executives on which player outside of Bradley Beal could change the landscape of the playoff race. The unanimous answer was the veteran Thaddeus Young.” - via @bleachernation ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I’m humbled and grateful. But as I have said, my focus is on what is here in front of me right now; and that is my team the @chicagobulls and our season 👊🏽🏀🏆 Let’s get it.
We took a straw poll of league executives on which player outside of Bradley Beal could change the landscape of the playoff race. The unanimous answer was the veteran Thaddeus Young. Here is why Young has value around the league: Versatility: In the 26 games played this season, Young has played 70% at power forward and a career-high 30% at center. He has a career-high 116.7 offensive rating, with 88.5% of his points on two-point shots (last season that number was 57.7%).
Young has a somewhat cap-friendly contract, making $13.5 million this season and $14.1 million in the 2021-22 season, and would be ideal for a key bench spot on a contending team. However, the source said that Karnisovas has made no indications of being a seller with any of his assets yet.
In fact, according to executives from two other teams, Thad Young, not LaVine, is the player considered most readily available. That’s largely based on Young’s displeasure with his role and usage last season, his team-friendly deal that carries only a partial guarantee in 2021-22 and his dependability and professionalism.
Thaddeus Young. The Clippers are at least one team that has expressed interest in the veteran, according to league sources. A Young-for-Moe-Harkless trade makes sense for both teams. Young also could be dealt in the offseason, holding down the fort until Markkanen returns. At that point, he’d only have one season fully guaranteed left on his deal.
Lauri Markkanen looks like a guy that needs a change of scenery, but the Bulls would be too paranoid to give up on a talent like that. That leaves Young and Kris Dunn, and that’s about it. Sources have indicated that the Los Angeles Clippers have interest in both, but they could go after Young in a trade, and wait for Dunn, who is a restricted free agent this summer. Either way, not a lot of chips for the Bulls to push into the middle.
Last July, when he controlled his free-agency decision, Thad Young chose to sign with the Bulls. Come the Feb. 6 trade deadline, Young has no control. “I’m just playing basketball. I’m a Chicago Bull. Whatever happens happens. I understand it’s a business,” Young told NBC Sports Chicago. “If I’m traded, I’m traded and have to go to the next city. If I’m not, then I’m here with my brothers, here with my teammates, and ready to fight.”
Another possibility for Harkless and considerations, one NBA source suggested, could be Thaddeus Young of the Chicago Bulls, who has $34.6 million of his $40.6 million guaranteed through the 2021-22 season. "They could go after Drummond, but if they're sending out Zubac, Harkless and filler [like Rodney McGruder], they still have the issue that they're not going to play Drummond with Harrell," the Eastern Conference executive said.
The Clippers have expressed interest in at least two power forwards already: Chicago’s Thaddeus Young and the Knicks’ Marcus Morris. According to sources, the team believes it has the assets on hand to make a deal for Morris if it so chooses but will continue to investigate other potential deals.
While the Clippers’ trade intentions are still too soon to be known, they are sniffing around. NBA sources not authorized to speak publicly believe the Clippers are looking at players like Chicago power forward Thaddeus Young. With Young in the first year of a deal that pays him nearly $13 million per season, it’s not too hard to guess who the Clippers would likely need to include in any deal to acquire him.
Nets trade Thaddeus Young, Celtics' future gets brighter. The 2016 draft class is widely considered as very deep with rotation players, so their 8 picks tonight, Danny Ainge is in a good spot. However, 2017's incoming talent could have several stars. Boston has pick swap rights with Brooklyn's first rounder. If you thought today was crazy, this time next year could be even crazier.
Nets Daily: I'm going with what GM said which is 1) he sees Brook Lopez as a building block and 2) he's not looking to trade him. GM said things could change but he and coach volunteered how much they like Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young.
League sources made it clear the Raptors kicked all the right tires. They inquired about deep shooting New Orleans Pelicans forward Ryan Anderson and the Brooklyn Nets’ Thaddeus Young, but dropped out when the asking price would have included the likes of Luis Scola, James Johnson and Pat Patterson to make salaries match and a first-round pick in addition. In Anderson’s case it was deemed too high a price for a defensively challenged rental – he’s a pending free agent – and in Young’s case there were concerns about how his lack of three-point range would create spacing issues. In both cases there were grave concerns about reducing the Raptors’ depth, a strength all season.
Jake Fischer: I've heard the Mavericks and Raptors have inquired about Thaddeus Young's availability. Young is interested in joining a playoff team.
The $4.4 million the Nets would pay Young would not affect the team's luxury tax situation. The Nets are perilously close to the luxury tax threshold and do not want to top it, since it would trigger the repeater tax as well. Avoiding those taxes is one reason the Nets bought out and stretched Deron Williams last summer In addition to Young, another player mentioned in trade rumors -- Bojan Bogdanovic -- also has a trade bonus. With Bogdanovic in the second of a three year deal, his payout would amount to only a few hundred thousand dollars.
One scenario has Young being moved to Toronto for a package that could include Patrick Patterson and point guard Delon Wright. The Nets may want a first round pick and Toronto just happens to own the Knicks 2016 first round pick.
Brian Windhorst: "From what I'm hearing, they [Raptors] are pretty aggressive in the trade market. They are looking for power forwards: I've heard them attached to Thaddeus Young, I've heard them attached to Kenneth Faried, I've heard them attached to Markieff Morris."
Howard Beck: A note on Nets GM search: Prokhorov, I'm told, has made clear he is absolutely opposed to a roster teardown. He wants to keep Brook Lopez / Thaddeus Young. Rather than rebuild, Prokhorov is convinced Nets can keep Lopez/Young, sign free agents in July and quickly get back in playoff chase.
Howard Beck: Prokhorov seems to be following same playbook he's had since he arrived: Spend your way to success, focus on the now instead of long term. Needless to say, I'm skeptical that playbook has any chance of working. But maybe Nets get lucky in free agency this summer.
When a fan tweeted at Young’s wife that they hoped the trade didn’t go through Shekinah Young tweeted back. “At the end of the day it is what it is: It’s just a rumor. I haven’t heard anything about it,” said Young. “It is what it is. If it happens, then I’ve got to be ready. But each day I’m here and ready to play, each and every day.”
Of course, as one league source said, "if the Pistons were willing to give the Nets their 2016 and 2017 first round picks..." Or perhaps, there have been talks but not involving Young. Stay tuned.
Brandon Jennings could very well end up in Brooklyn two weeks from now in a trade that would send Thaddeus Young to the Detroit Pistons, sources tell There are several teams looking to acquire Jennings, who has been a starter most of his career but is currently stuck behind Reggie Jackson on Detroit’s depth chart. He will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.
The Nets may need to give the Pistons an additional player, the source said, adding that the back end of the trade would be where the Nets could outbid another team. Detroit has Steve Blake to plug in behind Jackson in the playoffs, but Blake is on an expiring contract. Shane Larkin, who has a $1.5 million player option for next season, could be added to the trade.
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