NBA rumors: Delonte West now working at rehab center

Shams Charania: Update on Delonte West: West now has a job at the Rebound therapy center in Florida, which is the rehab facility he attended. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban reunited West with his mother in September and has stayed in close contact.

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West was even spotted polishing his handles and jumper during a workout in Florida on Nov. 2 ... and we're told he was in great spirits!!! Instagram user og__chris19 tells TMZ Sports ... Delonte was talking about how he was happy to be back on the court, focused on recovery and getting better.
We're told detox is Phase 1 -- the process of removing all traces of drugs and alcohol from Delonte's system. Detox ain't exactly a walk in the park -- in fact, it's a pretty taxing process both physically and mentally.
West is undergoing the process under the supervision of professionals -- but it's still extremely tough. One person close with West told us Delonte is "doing fine" while "roughing it out" in order to move on to the phase of his treatment.
Darryl Strawberry wants to personally help former NBA star Delonte West kick drugs ... 'cause the MLB legend knows firsthand how addiction can ruin lives. The 58-year-old former NY Mets star famously battled alcohol and cocaine addiction -- but he's been sober for over a decade and now dedicates his life to helping others conquer drugs.
"Delonte West is just like anyone else that probably has some deep-rooted issues that have never been dealt with, ya know? Putting on a basketball uniform and being successful, that just covers up everything that happens to a person." Strawberry continued ... "It reflects back to when he was probably young somewhere, some kinda trauma, abuse or something affected him and it can leave you crippled and paralyzed. So, no one signs up to be in that situation he is. I didn't sign up to be in that situation."
Brad Townsend: I'm told that thanks to @Mark Cuban efforts yesterday, Delonte West is now in a drug and rehabilitation facility. Cuban picked West up at a gas station in Dallas yesterday and told West's family that he would pay for West's rehab.
Shams Charania: A Delonte West update, as people close to the ex-NBA player going through very difficult personal struggle continue to offer help: Sources say Mavs owner Mark Cuban reunited West with his mother in Dallas on Monday — and now West has checked into rehab facility in Florida.
That photo set off a new round of concern from a basketball community hoping again to help the 37-year-old. Among those was Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who was filmed on Monday picking up West at a gas station in a viral video first reported on by TMZ Sports. “I can just confirm that I found him and helped him,” Cuban told The Washington Post in an email late Monday. “The rest is up to Delonte and his family to tell.”
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban picked up Delonte West at a Dallas gas station on Monday and is attempting to help the homeless former NBA player get his life back on track, Cuban confirmed to ESPN. Sources close to West told TMZ that his family and friends have been trying to get West to go to a drug rehabilitation facility and that Cuban has offered to pay for his treatment.
Cuban is among several people involved in the NBA who in recent years have been attempting to help West, who publicly discussed his diagnosis of bipolar disorder during his NBA career. Cuban renewed those efforts after pictures circulated last week of West panhandling at an intersection in Dallas.
Mark Cuban is personally helping Delonte West get back on his feet ... with the Dallas Mavericks owner picking up the ex-NBA star at a gas station in Texas. As we previously reported, the former Cleveland Cavaliers guard has fallen on tough times in recent years ... and was most recently seen holding a sign on the street in Dallas last week.
Photos of the former NBA star Delonte West have been shared recently on social media. West, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2008, was photographed in Dallas asking for money on the street.
The NBA, Doc Rivers, Jameer Nelson and the Players Association have actively been trying to get Delonte West help ... this after a new photo surfaced showing the former star hooper in rough shape. The viral photo -- reportedly taken recently in Dallas -- appears to show the 37-year-old former guard begging for money on the street. The question has been ... why haven't former players and coaches stepped in and helped West?
Finally, he snapped out of his malaise. Still in his drenched game uniform, West opted to skip his shower and started putting on his dress clothes for the bus. We waited for West to talk to the media, and he began speaking as he dressed without showering. He was apologetic and regretful about his mistakes. West needed emotional support, but he didn’t receive any, not on this professional level where there is little sympathy for millionaires who lose difficult games. Wally Szczerbiak, a Sonics teammate who came over to Seattle from Boston, looked at me and said, “You see what the [berating] coaching does to him?”
The Celtics' president of basketball operations confirmed a report that the team hired West to scout games on the East Coast as a means to help the struggling former Boston guard, whose NBA career ended in 2012. "Delonte has worked for us for a couple of years at times doing some college scouting in the (Washington) D.C. and Philly area," Ainge said Thursday on 98.5 The Sports Hub's "Toucher & Rich."
Maybe the NBA player, by that time nearing 30, who acknowledged his bipolar disorder - but then later announced that he really didn't need the medication doctors had prescribed for it - needed to be reached. “I’ve got to help him,” Carlisle said that week, “and our organization is going to help him, too.’’
A Maryland police officer has been suspended for shooting a video that shows former NBA player Delonte West as he was being questioned while shirtless and handcuffed, a police department said. One of two videos circulating on social media shows a thin, shirtless man with tattoos sitting on a curb with his hands cuffed behind his back. Police say that man is West and that an officer shot the video.
Police said in a statement Tuesday afternoon that they responded to a call about a fight near the MGM National Harbor casino, located just across the border from Washington. When officers arrived, they saw a man bleeding from the face and "made the decision to handcuff" West. Police said they learned that West and the second man knew each other and that they had argued earlier that morning. The men refused medical treatment and refused to press charges, police said.
Professional basketball allowed Delonte West to have structure in his life, to have a level of stability. According to those close to him, that has gone by the wayside since he exited the NBA. West, 36, has most recently worked in construction with his brother, Dmitri, and has struggled to find consistent work, one person close to the former player said. He lives in Maryland with his mother, Delphina Addison.
Former teammate Jameer Nelson is one of many people who have witnessed West’s post-career distress and offered help. The National Basketball Players Association has maintained close contact with West and made itself available as a resource. His college coach at Saint Joseph, Phil Martelli, and West’s former player agent, Noah Croom, have been in communication with each other — and West — about providing him support. The same can be said for the Celtics and Mavericks. Both Boston GM Danny Ainge and Dallas owner Mark Cuban have been in direct contact at various points, according to those close to West.
After finding out that an officer recorded a video circulating on social media showing a former NBA player in handcuffs, police in Prince George’s County, Maryland, are investigating how and why the video was released. The person in the video is Delonte West. West played for the Boston Celtics, Seattle SuperSonics, Cleveland Cavaliers and Dallas Mavericks. The officer who took the video has been suspended as police conduct an internal investigation.
An agitated Delonte West was captured discussing an alleged altercation. The person who posted the clip of the former NBA player to social media, Twitter user @damani_givens, told Complex that the video was taken in Washington D.C. West appears to be saying that someone approached him with a gun as he was walking down the street. However, when he was asked further detail about his account of the incident, Delonte repeatedly said "I don't give a fuck" twice before ranting about something that's difficult to understand.
In another video circulating social media, someone who appears to be West is getting kicked and punched in the middle of a busy road. The man on the ground, presumably Delonte, is laying motionless as someone else roughs him up.
Delonte West is actively working on an NBA comeback -- so says his mother, who tells TMZ Sports her son is getting his life back together after a string of troubling setbacks. The NBA community became concerned for West after pictures surfaced showing the 32-year-old looking disheveled in Texas ... and apparently begging for change in Maryland. Delphina Addison says her son has had some mental health issues recently -- but he's back on his medication and in a good place. "He is working toward coming back to the NBA. He has been working out and that’s where he's at as of now."
The family of NBA veteran Delonte West insists he is getting the medical help he needs to overcome bipolar - despite troubling new footage of him bellowing at kids and dancing wildly at a strip mall. Former Cavaliers guard West, 32, was seen wandering barefoot around a Houston parking lot over the weekend looking bleary-eyed and disheveled.
The shock images uploaded to Instagram sparked fears for the former first-round pick who banked $16 million from the NBA but has not played in the league for four years and has previously disclosed his lifelong battle with depression. Daily Mail Online has learned that spiraling debts have left West more than $150,000 in the red and facing foreclosure on one of his two Maryland homes.
He also dismissed suggestions his brother's erratic behavior was fueled by drugs or alcohol. 'Delonte West is not crazy, he is not on drugs,' insisted construction boss Dmitri, 33. 'As far as I know, my brother was suffering from bipolar disorder. 'I don't know what exactly is going on in his mind but I can tell you that he is safe and he's doing OK. My family are trying to get him the best professional help that's out there, the best that they can afford. 'You can’t put this down to the basketball or money. He is in a great place, he has a beautiful son, a beautiful daughter and a wife that loves him and gives him tremendous support.
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