NBA rumors: Dirk Nowitzki recommending Michael Finley and Jason Kidd for top Mavs positions

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Brad Townsend: Confirming @Adrian Wojnarowski report that Rick Carlisle has informed the franchise that he's stepping down as Mavs coach after 13 seasons, including the 2011 NBA title. Carlisle was scheduled to leave this weekend for Slovenia to spend time with Luka Doncic, as was Donnie Nelson.
Tim MacMahon: Luka Doncic is a strong supporter of Mavs assistant coach Jamahl Mosley. “He’s got the things that are needed for a head coach," Doncic said after Mosely's one-game fill-in for a win over the Knicks this season. "He can be the head coach, for sure.”
Bobby Marks: Longest tenured HC in the NBA 1. Gregg Popovich (SAS) 2. Erik Spoelstra (MIA) 3. Steve Kerr (GSW) 4. Quin Snyder (UTH) 5. Michael Malone (DEN) Rick Carlisle was #3
Tim MacMahon: There had been simmering tension between Luka Doncic and Rick Carlisle that was a concern within the Mavs organization. The expectation was that he'd return next season, but he'd have been on the hot seat.
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July 31, 2021 | 12:04 pm EDT Update

James Ennis discusses free agency

With teams and players able to negotiate free-agent deals beginning on Monday at 6:00pm ET, the 31-year-old will enter the new league year as a coveted three-and-D wing. “I’ve been in the league for a while,” Ennis told Hoops Rumors in a phone interview this week. “I’m in the league for a reason, obviously. Good vet, a good locker room guy, good teammate all-around. I just want to win. That’s my biggest thing.”
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The veteran forward will enter free agency armed with a respectable 41-game sample that should make him an appealing under-the-radar target for teams in need of a wing. “I like Orlando a lot. When I first got here, I got an opportunity — and that’s all you can ask from a coach,” said Ennis, who was dealt from the Sixers to the Magic at the 2020 deadline. “I’ve definitely enjoyed the city and I’ve made a lot of good memories with my daughter.”