NBA rumors: Extension unlikely for Spencer Dinwiddie

The 27-year-old Dinwiddie, who went down with a partially torn ACL in December, is unlikely to agree to an extension, league sources told HoopsHype’s Michael Scotto. He will be among the top point guards available in free agency and could command a similar or better average annual value than the four-year, $85 million contracts signed by Toronto’s Fred VanVleet and Indiana’s Malcolm Brogdon.

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Spencer​ Dinwiddie and​ the​ Brooklyn​ Nets​ agreed to a three-year, $34 million extension,​ league sources​ confirmed​ to The​ Athletic.​ The​​ deal includes a player option in the third year of the deal. ESPN first reported the terms. Several executives and scouts around the league projected Dinwiddie’s annual salary to be in the $12 million to $15 million range this summer if he entered unrestricted free agency. After signing the extension, Dinwiddie can’t be traded until June 13 because of a six-month trade restriction. Thanks to his player option in the third year of the deal, he can enter unrestricted free agency at 28 while still in his prime. With an 8-month-old son and the risk of another injury, the guaranteed money appears to have been a priority for Dinwiddie.
Earlier in the summer, the Nets had discussed a three-year extension in the range of $21 million to $24 million, league sources told The Athletic. ... Recently, Dinwiddie reiterated he’d love to sign an extension, but wasn’t “really looking to go below” the maximum four-year, $47.5 million extension available. With the new extension, both sides met in the middle.
LeVert, who appeared at the event without the assistance of a walking boot and had sneakers on both feet and walked without a noticeable limp, was notified of the extension while heading for the escalator and reacted with a Carmelo Anthony “oh really?” meme face. After the event, LeVert congratulated Dinwiddie in his Instagram story saying, “Well deserved 100.”
Dwyane Wade: Happy for @Spencer Dinwiddie he paid his dues. Always thought he would have been a good fit in Chicago when i was there for our team. Very good combo guard. Congrts brother!
The Spencer Dinwiddie $1.6M free agent hold is now replaced by a $10.6M salary in 2019-20. The Nets are still projected to have cap flexibility in July but how much will be based on the future of restricted free agents D'Angelo Russell and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson.
Adrian Wojnarowski: Spencer Dinwiddie will get $34M over a three-year extension with Nets, league source tells ESPN. There will be a player option on third year, sources said.
On Saturday Dinwiddie became eligible for a four-year contract extension worth a maximum of $47.5 million. But despite being the poster child for the Nets’ much-hyped player development (he was a finalist for last season’s NBA Most Improved Player Award), Dinwiddie still does not have an extension. “No news. Nothing to report,” Dinwiddie’s agent, Raymond Brothers, said. “Dec. 8, it came, it’s gone. I don’t have an extension,” said Dinwiddie, 25. “Just let Raymond and [Nets general manager] Sean [Marks] talk about it. I already said what I needed to say.”
And, perhaps most importantly, Dinwiddie’s desire to stay should outweigh the enticing prospect of unknown possibilities. It’s good to put your money on the side of familiarity when you can, especially when everything seems tailored to what your favor. “I would love to have an extension,” Dinwiddie said himself last week. “I would love to be here for a long time. If I don’t get an extension, then I’ll be looking forward to unrestricted free agency.”
Asked before the Nets faced the Knicks if his agent, Raymond Brothers, had received an offer from Nets general manager Sean Marks, Dinwiddie smiled and shrugged. “I haven’t talked to my agent and Sean,” he said. “Nothing has happened. Right now, I’m looking forward to free agency.” Marks declined to comment before the game on whether there have been any negotiations.
“Theoretically, as an unrestricted free agent, I could sign for anything,” Dinwiddie said. Kenny Atkinson clearly considers Dinwiddie a vital part of the organization by the way he uses him to help close games. “Big speed,” Atkinson said of Dinwiddie’s driving skill. “His ability to get downhill and get past people is a big reason why we trust him.”
Albert Nahmad: Spencer Dinwiddie is now eligible to sign an extension with Nets that could pay up to 4 years, $47.5M: -19-20: $10,605,600 -20-21: $11,454,048 -21-22: $12,302,496 -22-23: $13,150,944 If not, he’ll be UFA next summer but Nets have full Bird rights with just a $1.6M cap hold.
Greg Logan: While @Spencer Dinwiddie is at foul line completing 3-point play, #BrooklynBrigade chants "Extension! Extension!" Followed by "Five more days!" Reference to Dec. 8 when Dinwiddie is first eligible for extension of up to 4 years for $47.5 million.
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