NBA rumors: G League season at risk?

And that’s only the college half of the equation. The NBA still hasn’t announced what its 2020-21 season will look like. And in the case of many rookies on the edge of staying in school or going pro, the part of that which matters a lot is what the NBA decides to do with the 2020-21 G League season. Will the league choose to play and use it as a developmental tool that loses even more money than it does already? Or does it decide to cancel the G League season as a cost-cutting measure that could save each organization money at a time when owners purport to be hemorrhaging money. Sources across the landscape are split on if there will be a G League season.
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“It was adventurous for sure,” Holiday said. “There were some ups and down. There were some times where it got kind of hectic there. Zion (Williamson) getting hurt in the beginning. Then the 13-game losing streak. I got hurt for a while. But all in all man, we ended up being in position to make the playoffs. That was something we wanted to do. That was one of our goals. Then the pandemic hit. Just back in the bubble, it’s been an adventure for sure.”
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