NBA rumors: Hawks owner on John Collins: Our job is to come to a fair agreement, I hope he's an Atlanta Hawk

Ressler was asked what his views are of max contracts and how he plans on dealing with them when that becomes a conversation in the coming weeks, as both Trae Young and John Collins are going to be in the mix for significant raises.

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“Not every player should have a max contract, and great players should and will,” Ressler said. “I still make the argument that you could send two very clear messages, which is we do not expect to be financially constrained and, not or, we fully expect to be reasonably smart in our approach to running the business. If that means we’re committed to fair contracts, please accept me in that category. We are not committed to bad contracts. We are not committed to spending when not appropriate. We are making the clear message that we will not be financially constrained, that we do intend to be investors. When we bought this franchise, we thought there was an enormous opportunity to invest in this franchise, to invest in this community and to build a top-tier franchise. That’s the effort we have made and continues to be our focus.”
Reading between the lines with Ressler’s comments, there seems to be a level where he is comfortable matching and hesitancy if it goes above that threshold. “Our job is to come to a fair agreement with John. That’s our objective. There should be no question,” Ressler said. “He’s a really good player and maybe more importantly, a really good person. So the idea of having both is important to this franchise. That’s my view. The idea of being smart for both of us, to come to a reasonable place, that’s the objective, and there should be no confusion. I think as Travis said, which I think is amazing, a lot of players that don’t agree to a contract going into this season, play in a certain way. John played as an amazing teammate trying to win games and doing whatever he could do to win games. John’s a really good guy and a really good teammate. I hope he is an Atlanta Hawk.”
Michael Scotto: John Collins on free agency: “It’s something that I feel like I’ve voiced my opinion about a lot saying, that I want to be here... We’re going to have to come to a decision very soon, but hopefully, the best one for me is the one that keeps me here.”
Kevin Chouinard: Schlenk: "We've been steadfast that we view John as a big part of our team." "We've never had any serious conversations about moving him this year."
Take John Collins, for example. The Atlanta Hawks' athletic big man didn't come to terms on a contract extension last December and is now ticketed for restricted free agency. Sources said the Hawks have told inquiring teams that they intend to match contract offers for Collins this summer, but that hasn't stopped the trade proposals from coming.
Whomever the Hawks decide to target, the name floating around from Atlanta's end is John Collins. The fourth-year forward is set to be a restricted free agent this summer and could be in line for a nine-figure deal after he and the Hawks failed to come to an agreement on an extension before the season. "They're worried he's getting maxed, and they're putting it out there they are willing to pay him if he gets a max but won't be thrilled about it," said an East executive. However, Collins' $4.1 million salary makes it difficult to trade him for an established player, and a deal for the future -- be it young players or draft picks -- doesn't help the Hawks make a playoff push this season.
Brian Windhorst: John Collins, from what I understand, was offered a strong contract by the the Hawks. I heard he was offered an excess of $90 million. Now who knows what the guarantees were and all that stuff... But john Collins was seeking something at or near the max and he stuck to his guns. And he could potentially be a beneficiary if he has a great year.
Shams Charania: The Atlanta Hawks and forward John Collins will not have a contract extension agreement, sources tell @The Athletic @Stadium. Collins will become a coveted restricted free agent in 2021.
There’s also the possibility the Hawks will wait until the summer of 2021 to pay Collins and let him enter restricted free agency so the market could set itself. “I wouldn’t take it personal, but my antennas would be up, for sure,” Collins said. “If I can leave it at that. My antennas would be up.”
There’s also the possibility the Hawks will wait until the summer of 2021 to pay Collins and let him enter restricted free agency so the market could set itself. “I wouldn’t take it personal, but my antennas would be up, for sure,” Collins said. “If I can leave it at that. My antennas would be up.”
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