Grant joined ‘Pardon My Take’ in recent days, where…

Grant joined ‘Pardon My Take’ in recent days, where he talked about his relationship with MJ, all the rumors saying he gave Smith inside information of the Bulls and more. He explained that Smith had quoted several other players in the book, including Bill Cartwright and John Paxson among others. He added that Smith talked with assistant coaches, Phil Jackson and even played golf with Jordan himself. “I don’t know where did they come with that I was the source behind the book. That’s a straight-up lie,” Grant said.
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Pau Gasol done with Spain, not sure about club career

Pau, 41, confirmed his retirement on COPE, stating that he will now reflect and assess his future, while he has not decided about retirement yet. He spent the previous season with FC Barcelona. During his time with the senior Spanish NT, he has won 11 medals in three different international competitions, including gold in the 2006 FIBA World Cup and gold at the 2009, 2011 and 2015 EuroBasket.
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