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March 30, 2023 | 5:32 pm EDT Update
Giannis Antetokounmpo was given an out, to say the thing that plays directed into his true-to-life image of humility and claim he doesn’t care about winning his third MVP. “That’s a lie,” Antetokounmpo told Yahoo Sports recently. “I won’t say I don’t care. I want to compete. If you say I don’t care, it’s a lie. Do I think it’s a priority for me? No. The priority for me is to get better, to help my team win a championship, to get that feeling again. “If God can bless me with an MVP again, I’ll take it.”
Antetokounmpo knows the conversation revolves more around Jokić and Embiid, to which he says, “That’s OK.” He even gave a scouting report on both, and how voters could come to a conclusion of giving a vote to either. On Jokić, he said: “I see one guy that helps his team win. I see a guy that understands the game of basketball, plays the game of basketball the right way. I see a guy that’s very competitive, plays to win. He’s a good guy. He’s a great human being. He has a great support system behind him, his brothers, his wife.”
On Embiid: “I see a guy that’s hungry, that plays with a chip on his shoulder to help his team win games. He’s tried to be available for them as much as he can. Because he had the ailments early [in his career] but now he’s here and he’s dominating every other night and dominating every big he plays. A guy that you know draws so much attention to himself [on the floor], makes his teammates better.”
He calls them both, “f***ing unbelievable.” He also urges the world not to take players he mentions frequently, LeBron James and Kevin Durant, for granted. “Never. He’ll be out of the league and people will say, [in a crying voice] ‘LeBron is gone.’ Appreciate him, appreciate KD while he’s here. I don’t take this job for granted so nobody should take me for granted.”
Marc J. Spears: Stockton Kings General Manager Paul Johnson has been named the 2022-23 NBA G League Basketball Executive of the Year, as selected by his fellow NBA G League team basketball executives.