NBA rumors: Jarrett Allen agrees to $100 million deal to remain with Cavaliers

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Marc Stein: The Cavaliers are preparing an offer in the five-year, $100 million range to center Jarrett Allen, league sources say. Strong signals that Cleveland will re-sign the RFA Allen to pair him with Evan Mobley. Two hours to go before free agency. More from me:
An opposing executive estimates Allen could receive around $20 million annually. Depending on the length of the deal, either four or five years, it could total close to $100 million.
According to league sources, the Cavaliers have begun to explore trade options involving leading scorer Collin Sexton. Sexton, 22, is extension-eligible this summer, averaged 24.3 points per game last season, and appears likely to seek a maximum contract. Also eligible for an extension is 23-year-old center Jarrett Allen, who is also expected to command a lucrative deal.
Q: So the Cavs draft Mobley, what do they do with Allen? A: I had this discussion with Chris Fedor,’s superb basketball writer. He quickly said, “Sign-and-trade.” Q: And you said? A: “Sign-and-trade? Sure. Makes sense.”
Some executives around the league believe the Charlotte Hornets could make a play for him (Jarrett Allen) as they need a center and have cap space, even though he’s a restricted free agent. Some have floated out Dallas. Ultimately, I see him staying in Cleveland because they can match anything and gave up a pick to get this guy. They believe in him as the long-term future starting center and a member of their core going forward.
Earlier in the season when he was a member of the Brooklyn Nets, a healthy rookie-scale extension wasn’t feasible due to the cap restraints of the team. A four-year, $48 million extension was offered and politely declined, sources said. Allen, 22, will be open to all situations as he hopes to collect on his first major payday in the league, sources said.
The Nets and Jarrett Allen were unable to agree on a contract extension before the deadline this past Monday, but Nash said he is sure there’s a lucrative deal in the 22-year-old’s future. “I haven’t talked to him about that,” Nash said. “We’re focused on the season. He has a bright future. He’s going to have a big contract whenever the time is.
“The guy was unbelievable [Friday]. He was good in the first half, he was special in the second half. That’s what it’s going to take to win, especially as we’re forming here, is special efforts and man, he was good. … Defensively, protecting the rim, loose balls, rebounding at both ends, he was outstanding. We’re proud of him and he’s continuing and improving at this stage of his career.”
According to a league source close to Allen, he wants to remain a Net long-term, has enjoyed learning from Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, and believes the team is a championship contender.
How much is Allen looking for? In the Hoop Collective podcast, Bobby Marks, the former Nets assistant GM hears the 22-year-old has a number in mind ... a big number. “He’s looking for a Clint Capela-type of money,” Marks told Brian Windhorst.
Bobby Marks said he believes the Nets will not sign Allen to an extension but will instead wait and see how he does this season. “I would think it’s hard for me to extend him to that type of number and the other thing is if you extend these guys, you’re basically off the board for a year because of the poison pill restriction in your contract. So it’s not like he’s tradeable so I think if I’m Brooklyn and if I can get him in that $12-14 million range, I’m looking for a below-market type of deal here,” Marks added.
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