NBA rumors: Jimmer Fredette won't be with Nuggets in Las Vegas

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Jimmer Fredette announced via a social media video featuring his two kids that he will join the Shanghai Sharks for a second stint after his three-year run in China’s CBA between 2016 and 2019. The former BYU star made his way to Europe and signed a two-year deal with Panathinaikos OPAP last summer but was let go due to financial restrictions stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. It was reported by Sportando that he was expected to return to the Sharks.
Roster adjustments are underway at Panathinaikos OPAP. The new era recently officially launched will not include Jimmer Fredette, confirmed newly appointed team president Takis Triantopoulos on Friday’s press conference about the new season. “We don’t have anything new about him,” he mentioned referring to the status of the 31-year-old American guard, “He is informed that he is free to go, his agent also knows this and he is on the market for a new team. We are waiting for any new development.”
Jimmer Fredette has arrived in Greece and he is looking forward to the upcoming challenges he will face as a Panathinaikos player: “I’m really excited to be here. Great organization, we have some great players, great coaching staff. I’m just excited to be here and try something different. Hopefully, get out there and help our team as much as I can.”
PAO has been trying to sign Fredette for years and the 30-year-old admits it wasn’t easy: “It was a tough decision. Panathinaikos has been calling and trying to get me a part of their team for a couple of years. It just hadn’t worked out up to this point. But at this point, we decided that it’s the right opportunity for myself, my family and the team to be joined together and hopefully be able to have a great season.”
Panathinaikos signed American guard Jimmer Fredette to a two-year deal, the Greek club announced.
Nikos Varlas: Breaking: Sources tell @Eurohoopsnet that Panathinaikos has reached a deal in principle with Jimmer Fredette for a two year contract. Greens are bringing the American scorer in Europe for first time throughout his career
Jimmer Fredette: It’s official! Excited to be the newest member of the @suns!
The Phoenix Suns today signed guard Jimmer Fredette, who most recently completed the 2018-19 season with the Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese Basketball Association where he led the league in scoring.
Dan Woike: Suns coach Igor Kokoskov said the team is close to a deal with Jimmer Fredette. Expectation is for it to be finalized either later today or tomorrow
Shams Charania: Guard Jimmer Fredette has agreed to a two-year deal with the Phoenix Suns, league sources tell @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium. Team option on second season for Fredette, who is returning to NBA once he receives his clearance from China.
Is playing in this tournament a showcase of your skills for NBA teams? Jimmer Fredette: It’s just always nice to play in front of American audiences again. You never know who is watching, but at this point I’m just trying to get better as a player and have fun doing it. I have one year left in China for my contract, but after that I’ll be a free agent and we’ll see what’s out there.
Jimmer Fredette, the former BYU star and first-round pick, will compete in this year edition's of The Basketball Tournament, a $2 million winner-take-all affair that will air on ESPN, with one goal in mind -- earn another spot in the NBA. "I would always love to get another chance in the NBA," Fredette told "I've gotten better in China and improved every year. ... You hope somebody takes notice."
How big of a deal are Americans (like former teammate Jimmer Fredette) out there? Derrick Williams: He’s super big out here. He’s very successful and there are guys that are superstars out here. He might not be an NBA All-Star or anything like that but it’s a great opportunity to get your confidence up, too. They love Americans out here. They love basketball in general. We bring the NBA identity and they feed off it. I know he’s had different people call him from NBA teams but he’s been excellent.
Near the end of the season, Jimmer scored 73 points in one game and was named the league’s most valuable player. None of it seems to have impressed the NBA, which is something that still rankles Al. He can cite you chapter and verse on a wide variety of statistics that show Jimmer could be a force in the NBA. If anyone would know, it would be Al. A couple teams offered Jimmer 10-day contracts when he returned, but Jimmer was content to stay home with Whitney and their new daughter, Wesley. Mother and daughter are doing fine.
Al says Shanghai wants Jimmer back to play next year, but it would probably have to improve on the $1.1 million salary from this year. Incidentally, that was after the team paid the taxes. Jimmer also got a three-year endorsement deal from a Chinese sneaker company for $345,000 and another $300,000 in bonuses. Beijing has already made an offer for next year.
He can make millions in endorsements in China. With 1.3 billion people in a country that often looks to the West for its cultural influences, China is a blank slate for Fredette, especially if he signs another contract with Shanghai. And that’s where things get complicated. While it is clear that Fredette has loved his time in China, he has never let go of the NBA. Though he only played six NBA games in 2015-16 and was released twice, he still believes he can not only make an NBA roster but also stick with a team and make significant contributions. He has tempered old expectations of stardom and 20-point nights to push a role as a sixth man, what he calls “an energy-type guy who can come off the bench and score the basketball.”
“That’s a great question,” Fredette said when asked about the NBA. “I’m not 100 percent sure. Obviously, I’m from the USA and the NBA is the greatest league in the world, and if I have the opportunity to play in the NBA that’s where I would love to play. “But China is a great opportunity. The fans have been great to me, more than I can imagine, especially in such a short amount of time. It’s a good league over there, and there are some changes coming, good changes for the league, and I think there’s an amazing opportunity to make a great living, to make a lot of money.”
Deseret News: Is a long-term stay in China a possibility? Jimmer Fredette: It's something that I really haven't though about a ton yet. I hope to have some good options when the offseason comes — that's the hope for me and for my family. I think we've put ourselves in a good position to have some good options everywhere in the world and we'll see what happens. China's been fun, it's been great. Shanghai has been an awesome city, and I'm excited to continue to play and to see what happens this season. Hopefully we make a good run in the playoffs and then worry about all of that after the season is over.
Deseret News: What went into the decision to head to China instead of going to Europe or an NBA camp? Jimmer Fredette: We just felt like the Shanghai situation was the best situation for me and my family at this point. We had some different camps that we could have gone to in the NBA, but nothing guaranteed at that point. In Europe, we had some good offers as well, but we felt the Shanghai opportunity was the best opportunity.
Jimmer Fredette: They expect the imports over there to go out and score and really be efficient and help the team win. That's what they want and we have been fortunate enough that we have a really good team and have played really well. We are in first place at this point so things have gone well and obviously, I'm playing a lot more in China than I ever did in the NBA so I have the ball in my hands a lot more. Playing a lot more, getting into a comfortable rhythm being able to go out there, night in and night out and play consistent minutes.
Fredette, the 2011 national player of the year and NCAA scoring champion out of BYU, played most recently for the New York Knicks on a 10-day contract last season. He drew free-agent interest from NBA teams this summer, according to sources, but hadn't found a steady role in the league since being selected 10th overall in the 2011 NBA draft.
Chris Reichert: Jimmer Fredette has returned to the Westhester Knicks and is expected to play in their 5p game today #NBADL
Justin Crain: With Jimmer Fredette not getting another 10 day and Kevin Martin gone any chance we give him a shot? - Darren Wolfson: Checked for you. No current #Twolves traction. But he has an obvious NBA skill and it is needed here.
Rambis would like to win as many games as possible to enhance his chances of landing the Knicks' head-coaching job permanently. So he has decided against giving Fredette significant playing time thus far. Instead, he's giving minutes to veteran guards Jose Calderon and Sasha Vujacic, second-year guard Langston Galloway and rookie Jerian Grant.
Rambis also has basically said he wasn't on board with the idea of signing Fredette in the first place, saying that it was management's idea to bring the former BYU star on board.
Rambis alluded to potentially signing a younger player recently waived with an eye on next season, too. “Yes, yes, yes,’’ Rambis said. “Management is collecting [names], that’s what they’re doing. [They’re] talking about guys, thinking about guys, not only for this season [but] bringing guys in they might want to hold onto and bring them to summer league next year and work out during the summer. There are a lot of names floating around out there.’’
Stefan Bondy: Heard Jimmer Fredette will join the Knicks after they return from Minnesota so good news for Westchester -- he gets to play for them today + Sun.
Sam Amick: Can confirm @Ian Begley intel that the Knicks plan to sign Jimmer Fredette. He'll sign a 10-day contract.
Marc Berman: Confirming Knicks will sign Jimmer but contract won't be done until after today.
The Knicks have an open roster spot and can use a point guard, but are waiting to see how the deadline shakes out. Fredette’s agents have been in contact with a few teams, not just the Knicks. “I feel I’ve definitely proven I can still play and provide something for a team out there,’’ Fredette told The Post in a phone interview Tuesday morning. “I’ve shown that. And I’m definitely confident if I do get an opportunity, I’ll be able to produce. The D-League has helped me to get better and develop as a basketball player. I hope there’ll be a team that takes notice and gives me a chance.’’
The Knicks have an open roster spot and can use a point guard, but are waiting to see how the deadline shakes out. Fredette’s agents have been in contact with a few teams, not just the Knicks. “I feel I’ve definitely proven I can still play and provide something for a team out there,’’ Fredette told The Post in a phone interview Tuesday morning. “I’ve shown that. And I’m definitely confident if I do get an opportunity, I’ll be able to produce. The D-League has helped me to get better and develop as a basketball player. I hope there’ll be a team that takes notice and gives me a chance.’’
“You never know what could happen – whether it’s the Knicks or another team,’’ Fredette said. “I’m hopeful there is a team that will arise, but I’m not positive who that will be. My agent talks to teams every day and at the All-Star break, but you never know how serious those conversations are. Maybe the Knicks will be that opportunity or some other team. We’ll see what happens in the next couple of days.’’
According to a person familiar with the club’s thought process, the available players, including point guard Tony Wroten, wouldn’t crack the rotation, so a 10-day contract would be wasteful. If a rotation player sustained a serious injury, then the club would act — possibly on Wroten or Jimmer Fredette — pending the position of need. If Lance Thomas’ left-knee injury were deemed more serious, the Knicks probably would have signed somebody.
Fredette said he and his agent are keeping a close eye on the NBA roster landscape, and some NBA teams appear to have their eye on Fredette as well. “Jimmer should be able to provide an offensive punch off the bench for an NBA team,” one longtime NBA scout said. “His defense has improved and he has become a better teammate.”
Fredette told Yahoo Sports that he considered overseas options in Italy, Greece, Serbia and Australia before joining the D-League, but the NBA is still his top option. "I am playing basketball for the love of the game, but I also want to do what’s best for my career and my family. So whatever that is, we will take that path. We will see what happens in the future,” Fredette told Yahoo Sports.
Westchester president Allan Houston, a former Knicks star, said Fredette’s D-League goals are to be efficient offensively and to improve defensively. “He came in right away with a lot of humility,” Houston told Yahoo Sports. “Early on, he was trying to figure out the system a little. He has acclimated to his teammates and he knew he would have an impact right away. He put a lot on himself early. But as time went on, what I’ve been impressed with is how he’s kind of settled in and not had to do so much. He’s been efficient. He’s been productive. His strength is playing without the ball in his hands as much. He’s competing defensively.”
One exec suggested that the best course for Fredette would be to play in Europe, make decent money and enjoy playing the game and being a star there. Another wondered where he'd find the open shots he needs to be productive in the NBA, where defensive coaches are paid handsomely to prevent them from happening.
“He's a 6-2 shooting guard, a system guy -- and all the system teams pretty much have tried him already," one of the execs said. "It's tough. It has to be a very unique situation. I never say never about anybody -- maybe someone will give him a shot and he'll turn into gold -- but I just don't see it.”
Whether it has been lack of opportunity or belief from his coaches, not enough playing time or not enough shots, the fundamental truth is that Fredette is an undersized shooting guard with one NBA skill: shooting. There simply aren't many players in that predicament who stick around for even as long as Fredette has. “He has skills, but he's a high-volume guy," one Eastern Conference executive said. "What team is going to be able to give him the kind of volume he needs to be effective? Because if he's not getting the volume of shots he needs to score enough to help you, what else is he doing?"
In Chicago, sources say, then-coach Tom Thibodeau pushed hard for the Bulls to sign him in 2014 after he was bought out by the Kings -- then, hardly played him because of his defensive limitations. In New Orleans last season, Fredette found his way into 50 games, but only got off one 3-point attempt per game, shooting 19 percent (9-for-48).
Martin Borg: Jody, honest question. Why would the Jazz not try Jimmer on a 10 day contract now? Not much to lose it would seem. Jody Genessy: If they had any interest in Jimmer, they would have selected him in the D-League draft.
Fredette said he had options other than the D-League. He could have gone to Europe, where the contracts are more lucrative. But he wants to return to the N.B.A. Asked about the perception that he has been a bust, Fredette said that people were free to their opinions. He tries not to worry about any of it. He reflected on his wandering journey. “Sometimes that happens for people in this league,” he said. “For a lot of guys in this league, actually.”
It didn't take long for former BYU guard Jimmer Fredette to get back in the NBA. The former BYU guard, who was selected second overall by the Westchester Knicks in the NBA D-League Draft Oct. 31 as he tries to get his basketball career back on track, signed with the New Orleans Pelicans Monday under the hardship exception, according to Yahoo!'s Shams Charania.
The San Antonio Spurs today announced that they have signed guard Jimmer Fredette. Per club policy, terms of the contract were not announced.
Marc Stein: ESPN sources say San Antonio is indeed finalizing a deal to sign Jimmer Fredette. Spurs are always on the lookout for shooters and want to give Fredette his shot in the San Antonio system
Adrian Wojnarowski: Spurs are searching hard for shooters, plan to give Fredette a chance to make roster. Deal includes modest financial guarantee, sources said
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