Jimmy Butler a keeper?

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June 25, 2018 | 3:00 pm EDT Update
Irving admits it could be one of the big challenges he faces this season. “I think just hearing the balance, it’s just a ways away, man,” Irving said Monday morning in a movie roundtable with a handful of New York basketball writers. “But [the hype] is already starting. As long as I could just divide the attention up and it just doesn’t infiltrate what I’m focused on during the season then I’m cool with it.”
Storyline: Kyrie Irving Free Agency
He said that after talking with Schroder following the draft he believes the veteran will help the incoming rookie adjust to the NBA.  “I think Dennis will be a tremendous role model,” Pierce said Monday. “We’ve talked already about him and Trae not only coexisting, but him being a leader for Trae and helping him on the court. Dennis has had a lot of success in the league and he’s a guy that still has a lot of growing to go, and Trae is just trying to follow in those footsteps.”
Pierce said he’s confident Schroder will work well with Young when he returns.  “Talking to Dennis, he’s excited,” Pierce said. “He was excited about who were going to end up with in the draft and he was excited about where we are headed. I talked to him about playing with Trae and with the other guys. He’s back in Germany with his national team but he’s also excited about the guys that we have.”