NBA rumors: Kevin Garnett not retiring?

Thibodeau has a strong relationship with Timberwolves’ legend Kevin Garnett, who plans to play another season with the team. Garnett has had aspirations of joining the team’s ownership group upon retirement. Thibodeau and Garnett were part of Boston’s 2008 NBA championship team.

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Garnett appears to be in a retrospective mood these days, posting photos present and very past almost daily to his Instagram account. Wolves owner Glen Taylor last month said Garnett told him he wants to play next season because he thinks the Wolves will be a playoff team. “His heart and his head say he wants to be here,” Taylor said. “His body may be telling him he might not be able to do that.”
Much of his decision seems to be tied to how Kevin Garnett opts to handle his own future. The two often talked about retiring together, and Pierce admittedly will have a tough call to make if Garnett hangs up his size 15’s. “I would definitely probably think about it,” said Pierce. “I never know what KG is going to do, because he said he was going to retire four or five years ago,” he said. “Every year he says he’s done, and every year he keeps coming back. It would be great.”
Kevin Garnett is “no lock” to play next season, as many people close to him aren’t sure whether or not he intends to do so, Wolfson says in the same podcast. In July, Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune raised the specter of Garnett moving into a front office position with the Timberwolves next season if he’s not healthy enough to play. Garnett, who turns 40 in May, has appeared in 38 of Minnesota’s 50 games this year and is set to make $8MM in 2016/17 on the two-year contract he signed this past summer.
Darren Wolfson on Kevin Garnett playing next season: "Many people close to Garnett, unsure of his intentions at this point."
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