NBA rumors: Kevin Huerter on extension talks with Hawks: We're still working it

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Known for his 3-point shooting prowess, Huerter developed into a good defender last season, which took his game to another level. He impressed with his success on defense and overall growth in the second half of the season, which included acting as the Hawks’ hero in Game 7 vs. the Sixers, scoring a team-high 27. “We’ve spoken with his agent,” Schlenk said. “We’re going to get into deeper dialogue next week. His agent wanted to wait a little bit and get all his free agents signed, before he went into extensions, less time-sensitive matters like the extension, but certainly his agent and Kevin are hoping to have that dialogue and certainly we are as well… Our intention is to try and get something done with Kevin, for sure.”
SI: You're extension eligible heading into next season. How much do you think about how, for lack of a better phrase, this is money time for NBA players who are eligible for new contracts? And your production in these playoffs has been hard to ignore. Do you think about the contract at all, or you just locked in on what you're trying to do on a day-to-day basis? KH: No, it's one of those things I know it's, you know that's the type of stuff that happens end of the summer going into next year. I mean, there's so much that can happen in the NBA and the biggest thing they say in the NBA is everybody has short-term memory. Most of the time they remember the last thing you did. So we still have this series to go. Hopefully, we have another series after this where we got to still put on and compete and play at a high level. So for me, I'm not worried about that yet.
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January 19, 2022 | 6:15 pm EST Update