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NBA rumors: Kings an option for Steven Adams?

If there is a team that is a favorite to move for Adams, sources said, it would be Sacramento. The Kings had interest in Adams before free agency began and discussed a potential deal with the Thunder. The talks did not get very far, however. Oklahoma City had eyed one of Sacramento’s young shooting guards, Buddy Hield and Bogdan Bogdanovic. Sacramento also has forward Harry Giles, who could blossom with more playing time.

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Sources told Heavy.com that the Thunder are seeking a draft pick, a young player and salary relief for Adams. “They set the price too high,” one league executive said. “That’s what you’d expect and maybe it will drop as the year goes on. It’s tough to take on his contract (two years, $53 million remaining) and give up picks and players. Most teams are pretty well set at the center spot now, you have a big guy and you have your small lineup. You can’t just take on a contract like that. There isn’t a big number of teams who could take him.”
The Thunder were ousted in the first round by the Portland Trail Blazers in five games, leading to speculation that Adams would be traded from leading NBA experts, including Sports Illustrated's Jake Fischer, ESPN's Zach Lowe and acclaimed sports personality Bill Simmons. "It ain't this thing where you just read about it and you're just surprised that it happened to you. If it's happening to someone else there's a chance it could happen to you - it's common sense," Adams said on Tuesday. "It still affects you in some way, because you're human. Obviously, I care about the organisation here but, again, we're here to support the organisation and the organisation needs to do well and you have to keep that in mind."
Erik Horne: Steven Adams on trade rumors: “If it happens to someone else, there’s a chance it could happen to you. That’s common sense. But it still affects you. You’re human. Even if they do trade me, it’s been a huge honor to just contribute to the history Oklahoma (City) is making."
After three consecutive first-round playoff exits — two with Westbrook and George on the roster together — the Thunder should consider making everyone else available via trade. That doesn’t mean it’s time to make a panic deal involving Adams or Schröder, but their contracts make them the biggest pieces OKC has to make a sweeping change if that’s the route Presti wants to pursue. Despite some struggles against the league’s elite centers this season, Adams remains an excellent defender and valuable pick-and-roll piece. But he’s owed $25 million next season and $27 million in 2020-21, and that might scare off potential trade partners.
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Opposing teams have a negative-3.3 percentage point effective field goal percentage with Capela in the game, shooting 3.2 percentage points worse at the rim and 8.5 percentage points worse in the midrange, per Cleaning The Glass. He has been a difference-maker for the Hawks defensively, particularly in the past few games. “I think it’s just understanding our concepts and picking and choosing the spots where he can be a tremendous helper,” coach Lloyd Pierce said.
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