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Josh Lewenberg: The Raptors have signed Malcolm Miller to a standard NBA contract, instead of a 10-day. He and Boucher signed multi-year deals with partial guarantees for 2019-20. They bring the roster to 12. Toronto can now sign players to 10-day deals.
Blake Murphy: Some news: because of a CBA wrinkle regarding 10-day signings, Malcolm Miller's deal has not been made official and, as of right now, he won't be available tonight (as things currently stand).
Blake Murphy: An explanation: The Gasol trade, once processed, will drop the Raptors roster to 10, below the league requirement. The NBA might offer a grace period getting back to 11/12 players, but the CBA does not allow 10-days to be signed unless a team already has 12 full-season contracts.
Michael Grange: With plans to sign Malcolm Miller to a 10-day, expectation is the Raptors won't sprint into the buyout market. A back-up big and/or PG on a 10-day would make sense but don't be surprised if Raptors wait until more talent shakes free before jumping in more substantively.
Blake Murphy: The Raptors are expected to sign Malcolm Miller to an Exhibit 10 deal pending a physical, per a source. Idea is to sign Miller, waive him, and allow him to rehab from a torn labrum with Raptors 905. He'll get a bonus and stay in the org that way. Tracking to return by January.
Blake Murphy: The Raptors have withdrawn their qualifying offer to Malcolm Miller. Miller dislocated his shoulder this week and could have guaranteed himself $50K on a 2-way by signing it.
Doug Smith: Raptors have 1st player on 2-way deal. Malcolm Miller, 6-7 SF with Alba Berlin last year, D-League (Maine) and Celtics summer league before
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