NBA rumors: Marv Albert retiring after the Eastern Conference finals

Marv Albert is retiring after the NBA’s Eastern Conference finals, ending a broadcasting career spanning nearly 60 years. Albert will call the series for TNT. He has been with Turner Sports for 22 years, 19 as an NBA play-by-play announcer. Albert, known for his signature “Yes!” call, turns 80 next month. He has covered everything from football and boxing to hockey, baseball and tennis.

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Marv Albert’s voice has been the soundtrack of the NBA for decades. His legendary calls, punctuated by his signature “Yes!” have been a part of sports — especially in New York — since the 1960s. In his final season of his eight-year contract with Turner, Albert, 79, soon may put down his headset for the final time.
“I’m winding down,” Albert told The Post. “I’m not sure when. I think that is certainly ahead. I don’t want to be dishonest about it. The day will come.” First, though, there is good news on the horizon for Albert and all those who have revered his calls for decades. On Tuesday, after his chat with The Post, he was scheduled to receive his second COVID-19 vaccine shot.
After this season, Albert has one more year remaining on his contract with TNT and the previous Turner regime, led by David Levy, had a plan to move Anderson in as Albert’s replacement. However, with Zucker now in charge, those plans have been scuttled and Albert has shown no intention to retire. He expects to return next year.
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August 3, 2021 | 3:46 am EDT Update

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