NBA rumors: Michael Beasley: ‘I’ve been battling confidence issues my whole life’

Knowing all this stuff now, is there any advice you’d give yourself earlier in your career or do differently? Michael Beasley: I would believe in myself. I’ve been battling confidence issues my whole life. Everybody’s voices, everybody’s negative opinions. I was 19, and they were expecting me to be a grown-up. I wish I had the mindset and the balls to have fun and play basketball the way I know how to play basketball. Regarding confidence on the basketball court, it seemed like you could do a lot from shooting, rebounding, and why you were a high pick. When you said confidence, was that on the court or outside as a person? Michael Beasley: Both. It started on the court. The first thing that happened to me when I got to the NBA was everyone told me what I couldn’t do. That’s literally all I’ve heard for my entire career. Even if I couldn’t do things, which I didn’t agree with, what about the things that I could do? Can we make those things better or work around that? Every other player you build around, you build around how they play.
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June 25, 2022 | 8:58 pm EDT Update
“Listen we still run that franchise [Magic]. If they wanna sell it to us, DeVos family, we’re ready to go right now,” O’Neal said on The Big Podcast. “This message go out to the DeVos family, if you’re ready to sell Orlando Magic, sell it to somebody who’s gonna take it to the next level, that’s us. D[ennis] Scott and then, D Scott can pick everybody else. Smart people combined with common sense people and people that’s been there before, you can’t go wrong.”
June 25, 2022 | 7:06 pm EDT Update
“Their continuity wasn’t there,” Perkins said on a recent appearance on JJ Redick’s The Old Man & the Three podcast (h/t Lee Tran of Fadeaway World) about Westbrook and Durant. “No matter how much they tried to fake it to the public, their brotherhood, it never was a brotherhood. And that’s okay, right, because you don’t have to be somebody’s brother to go out there and win a championship. But it helps. They never just got on the same page.