NBA rumors: Monty Williams: Chris Paul's status 'a day-to-day' thing

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“As long as I could see the rim,” he said, “I felt like I was cool.” But the Paul family knew what LASIK could do. His father and brother both had the procedure during Paul’s rookie season, and they raved about the results. While they were seeing 20/20, Paul was struggling to see when he looked over at the bench. “Everyone used to tell me I squinted on the court,” Paul said. “Like when (Coach) Doc (Rivers) was trying to get my attention to call a play, they’d say I squinted all the time.”
Despite years of telling reporters that his rolled ankles and sprained fingers would be “fine,” on Wednesday, Paul admitted the truth. He’s a hypochondriac. “If something is wrong, I feel like I’m dying,” he said. “When I got the LASIK, they had to give me two Valiums. I was about to lay down and they (Paul imitates laser sound) ... They tell you it’s going to be grainy for a couple of weeks. I had to put eye drops in for two weeks, four times a day. I was having panic attacks. “I couldn’t sleep. These are your eyes. They get dry. I was stressed out.”
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July 5, 2022 | 5:24 pm EDT Update