NBA rumors: G-League season in jeopardy?

Now that the NBA Finals have been completed, league and union officials will embark on figuring out a host of pandemic parameters for next season. Amid those negotiations, there’s no guarantee a standard G-League season will come off. According to industry sources, there have been discussions of various scenarios for a G-League campaign, including not holding one at all and expanding NBA rosters instead.

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One plan could feature having a handful of week-long G-League showcases in a bubble setting to ensure young players stay active. If a more normalized G-League season is attempted, sources said it would have to be with a regionalized schedule to reduce travel. Because G-League teams have modest budgets, clubs mostly fly commercial, which is risky amid the COVID-19 crisis. Teams occasionally bus to games against nearby clubs.
If a 2020-21 campaign happens, it will feature a fledgling G-League Select Team not affiliated with an NBA organization, The new Gatorade-funded club will make its home base in Walnut Creek, Calif., and will be made up of recently graduated high school seniors, including stud Jalen Green, who didn’t want to go the one-and-done college route or head overseas like LaMelo Ball. The select club is expected to host a tournament in November or December facing random G-League players. Its existence is a motivator to stage a season, sources indicated.
The union would be separate from the NBPA and serve independently with its own constitution, bylaws and leadership structure. The union membership would not include players on assignment to the G-League from NBA teams or those on two-way contracts.
Adrian Wojnarowski: NBA’s G-League players will begin voting Saturday on the creation of a union, sources tell ESPN. The NBPA's assisting in the formation of a G-League-governed players association that would need more than 50 percent of players to sign an electronic authorization card for passage.
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October 30, 2020 | 2:02 pm EDT Update
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