NBA rumors: Nic Claxton on Defensive Player of the Year: 'I think I should be No. 1'

When you look at the Defensive Player of the Year conversation, where do you think you fit in? Claxton: I think I should be No. 1. I’m defending one through five and neck and neck as the leading shot blocker. I’m doing everything on the defensive end for the team anchoring the defense every single night. I think I should be right there. Definitely.

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“It’s definitely a goal of mine,” Lopez told HoopsHype when asked about his Defensive Player of the Year candidacy. “Obviously, I’m a team-first player who wants the team to be successful. We want to win a championship. That’s our main goal. It definitely would be a personal point of pride for me, and it’s a goal for myself.”
Michael Scotto: I asked Giannis Antetokounmpo what Brook Lopez has meant to the Bucks. Giannis: “In my opinion, and probably Jrue’s, Defensive Player of the Year.” Jrue Holiday: “100 percent.” Giannis: “No doubt. He’s 34 years old. It’s insane how he’s playing right now.” Full video below.
He’s convinced his play will change that, having openly declared making the NBA All-Defensive Team —  or even being honored as Defensive Player of the Year — a personal goal. “Yeah, I mean, when it’s a goal that’s predicated to team’s success, that’s always a plus for the individual and also for the team,” Claxton said. “So whether it’s me going for Defensive Player, you’re going for a Defensive Team, the better that I play defensively and the more consistent I am, like you said, protecting the rim, guarding the perimeter, one-through-five every single night, the better that the team is going to be. And me being an anchor defensively for our team, defensively and overall, the résumé and everything should speak for itself.”
Brady Hawk: I asked Bam Adebayo about going for the DPOY award yet again.” “At this point it’s politics,” as he laughs Says he will put himself in a position yet again to win it, “but it’s up to the voters,” as he rolls his eyes
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