NBA rumors: Nikola Jokic on winning MVP: If it happens, it happens

Michael Singer: There’s this weird narrative that Nikola Jokic won’t lean into the MVP race, when yest., on the record, he finally put himself out there: “I can just say that this season is probably the best season I’ve had in my life.” On MVP, he went even further: “If it happens, it happens.”
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June 22, 2021 | 9:02 pm EDT Update
Ben Golliver: 2021 NBA Draft Lottery order 1. Pistons 2. Rockets 3. Cavaliers 4. Raptors 5. Magic 6. Thunder 7. Warriors (from Timberwolves) 8. Magic (from Bulls) 9. Kings 10. Pelicans 11. Hornets 12. Spurs 13. Pacers 14. Warriors