NBA rumors: Nikola Jokic will sign supermax this summer

Michael Singer: Nikola Jokic on the potential supermax this summer: “If offer’s on the table of course I’m going to accept it.”

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Nikola Jokic became supermax eligible last season by virtue of winning his first MVP award. He will finally be able to sign it this offseason once he gets seven years of service on his belt. It is projected at $260 million over five years and would pay him $59.1 million in the 2027-28 season. His agent has already confirmed that Jokic plans on signing the extension this offseason.
Nikola Jokic's agent Misko Raznatovic confirmed that his client is expected to sign a supermax extension with the Denver Nuggets in 2022 NBA free agency. "According to our expectations, it should be signed this summer. The extension of the maximum amount, what he obviously deserved," Raznatovic said on the URBONUS podcast. Jokic became eligible for a supermax contract in 2022 or 2023 after winning the MVP award last summer. Per Bobby Marks of ESPN, Jokic's supermax extension in 2022 is projected to be the largest contract in NBA history, a total of $241M (based on a salary cap of $121.5M).
The last time Jokic signed a 5-year, $148M extension with Nuggets in 2018, he just exchanged emails with his agent. This time, if everything goes according to plan, Misko Raznatovic would like to organize a big party. "Luka Doncic organized a nice party for his last contract that put some kind of challenge primarily for me because I am very well known for organizing parties and participating in social life," Raznatovic smiled. "But knowing Nikola, probably nothing will happen, and everything will be the same. Just one piece of paper to be signed."
Because Jokic was named MVP, he is eligible to sign the supermax in 2022, when he'll have one year left on his existing deal, or in 2023, when he becomes an unrestricted free agent. LaVine, Booker and Towns are not quite as fortunate as Jokic. While their situations differ slightly -- Booker and Towns are not free agents in 2022, while LaVine is -- all three are supermax eligible, in either an extension or regular contract, if they earn All-NBA honors this season (or win MVP).
By earning MVP honors, Jokic has qualified for a supermax extension, which would be the largest in NBA history. However, because Jokic has only six years of service, the center will need to wait until the 2022 offseason to sign the five-year $241 million extension. The rules of the supermax stipulate that only players with seven or eight years of service are eligible to sign the extension. Here is a breakdown of what the max extension projects to be based on a $121.5 million salary cap. 2023-24: $42.6M 2024-25: $44.9M 2025-26: $48.2M 2026-27: $51.5M 2027-28: $54.8M
Bobby Marks: By virtue of winning MVP, Nikola Jokic is now eligible to sign a super max contract in either the 2022 or 2023 offseason. Jokic is not eligible this offseason because he is 1 year shy of the years of service criteria of 7.
Bobby Marks: The Nikola Jokic super max extension in 2022 is projected to be the largest contract in NBA history. *2023-24: $42.6M 2024-25: $44.9M 2025-26: $48.2M 2026-27: $51.5M 2027-28: $54.8M Total of $241M *Based on a salary cap of $121.5M
Chris Dempsey: Today is the day the Nikola Jokic contract saga officially gets rolling. This is the deadline day for his team option to be declined, which allows the #Nuggets to extending a qualifying offer & make him a restricted free agent. Then extension talks will take over.
Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic won’t join the Serbian national team in the June-July World Cup Qualifiers games because of his contract situation. Jokic revealed that Serbia head coach Sasa Djordjevic had already excluded him from his roster plans for the above reason. After all, the Nuggets could make Serbian center an unrestricted agent this summer and potentially offer him a max contract extension. “I talked to Sale [Sasa Djordjevic]. He told me he wasn’t planning on me. He knows what my contract situation is, so he doesn’t make his plans with me,” Jokic said to journalists during the Serbian League game between his former team Mega Leks and Partizan Belgrade, per Sport Klub. “We will see for the deal. When it comes to the new contract, nothing will be known until July 7.”
Nick Kosmider: Nikola Jokic’s agent says picking up the player’s option and letting Jokic become an unrestricted free agent in 2019 would be an unfavorable scenario for Nuggets. This is not a warning. It’s common sense. Denver won’t pass up the chance to lock Jokic up. Writing is on the wall.
Chris Dempsey: Word out of #Nuggets all along was they expected to get this deal done in Oct. Now, should be quiet unti next summer’s biggie: Nikola Jokic
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