NBA rumors: No bad blood between Gary Payton II-Dillon Brooks, according to Payton

Payton II: Also, for the record: There’s no bad blood between me and Dillon Brooks. After we closed out Game 6, I got word that he wanted to talk outside the locker room, and when I got there he apologized. I give Dillon a lot of credit for that — no text, no social media, nothing indirect. He came in person, and we talked like grown men. He told me he didn’t mean to hurt me. I believe him.

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Payton II: So, no, I’m not mad. I feel like maybe the whole world thought I was mad, though. Because once that game ended, my phone started blowing up — everyone tapping in and checking on me, making sure I wasn’t too upset or too down or whatever. And of course everyone with the Warriors, they’re all such good people and had my back, no question. I had a lot of people pissed on my behalf. And I love them for that. But I was good.
Melissa Rohlin: Gary Payton II (fractured left elbow) has started to do various light individual on-court activities and will be re-evaluated in one week.   Andre Iguodala (disc injury in his neck) continues to show progress and an update will come when he’s cleared to practice.
Kendra Andrews: Payton is emphasizing that the one thing he needs to get back on the court is time. Says he's feeling better, but isn't putting any date on a possible return.
Kendra Andrews: Kerr says the Warriors are not ruling Gary Payton II out of the entire Western Conference Finals. “It would be a long shot for him to play, but I think it’s a possibility.”
Anthony Slater: Gary Payton II at shootaround in Memphis with that big brace on his left arm
“I watched it again, and Dillon definitely fouled him way too hard and did something that he shouldn’t have done. But it’s tough. There’s obviously falls every game that could definitely result in somebody getting hurt, but you really don’t want to see somebody get hurt off a flagrant, obviously. I know that Dillon feels bad. It’s just a real bad part of the game, but hopefully, we all can move on from that.”
Golden State Warriors guard Gary Payton II is expected to miss approximately a month with a fractured left elbow, sources told ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski on Wednesday. The possibility that Payton could return for the NBA Finals remains, but only if the Warriors advance in the playoffs. Payton was injured when Dillon Brooks of the Memphis Grizzlies chased him down from behind on a fast-break layup and hit the Warriors guard in the head in the air with 9:08 left in the first quarter of Game 2 on Tuesday. Payton went down hard and remained on the court for several minutes. After officials reviewed the play, Brooks was ejected.
Shams Charania: Sources: MRI on Warriors guard Gary Payton II showed slight ligament damage along with his fractured left elbow. He will miss at least three weeks and has not ruled out a return in the NBA Finals.
“Everybody’s going to fight for everything, but there’s a code in this league,” Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said, referencing the sequence that injured Payton and resulted in Brooks’ ejection. “You never put a guy’s season slash career in jeopardy by taking someone out in midair, clubbing him across the head and, ultimately, fracturing Gary’s elbow. “This is a guy who has been toiling the last six years trying to make it in this league. He finally found a home. Playing his butt off this year. In the playoffs. This should be the time of his life, and a guy comes in and whacks him across the head in midair. He broke the code. Dillon Brooks broke the code.”
Anthony Slater: Steve Kerr screaming down at the Memphis bench after that Dillon Brooks foul and ejection: "Get the f*** out of here." Klay Thompson: "That's bull****." As upset as I've seen them at a foul.
Connor Letourneau: Gary Payton II shot his free throws — and made one of them — with a broken elbow. He might not have been raised in Oakland, but he's got some Oakland in him.
Kendra Andrews: Andrew Wiggins and Nemanja Bjelica, who missed Wednesday’s game with an illness, practiced today. Questionable for Sunday. Gary Payton II (left knee) also practiced. Questionable for Sunday. Moses Moody (right shoulder) did not practice and is considered day to day.
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