NBA rumors: No fine for Rudy Gobert

Chris Haynes: The NBA will not fine or suspend Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert for his actions leading up to testing positive for the coronavirus, league sources tell Yahoo Sports.

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Adam Silver said that the NBA reached out to Rudy Gobert to develop a PSA to help combat the spread of COVID-19. Gobert tested positive for the virus, leading the NBA to suspend the league for at least 30 days.
ESPN sportscaster Scott Van Pelt and senior reporter Adrian Wojnarowski certainly think so, as they talked about the Jazz and the entire league’s conundrum on Thursday. Van Pelt noted that there seems to a discord between Gobert and the rest of his teammates, following his nonchalant approach to the virus before his diagnosis. Wojnarowski, who broke the story on Wednesday, echoed the same sentiment. “That is an astute observation. The Jazz are fortunate that they don’t have to get back together and start playing games again right now. There’s a lot of work to do to repair relationships not just between Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert, but others in the locker room. There’s a lot of frustration with Gobert. He certainly was apologetic today. They got great leadership in Utah. In that locker room, it’s going to be a test to get this team back on track,” Woj said.
An NBA player who on Wednesday tested positive for the novel coronavirus was seen five days earlier handing his game-worn arm sleeves to young fans at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit. Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz tested presumptive positive for COVID-19 before Wednesday's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. In the wake of that diagnosis, the NBA became the first pro sports organization in the U.S. to suspended play as the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the country.
“I was shocked by the number of teams that were clueless at the size that [the coronavirus] would get to,” said one high-ranking executive privy to leaguewide conversations. “Some teams that hadn’t faced an outbreak in their communities didn’t think it was worth talking about.”
However, there is “force majeure” language in the CBA for owners to claw some of that money back should games be wiped out by events beyond the league’s control. In addition to acts of war and acts of nature, this section specifically mentions epidemics. The amount is 1/92.6th of the player salary for every game missed. In reality, this likely would end up in a negotiation between the Players Association and the league. More ominously, the league has the right to terminate the CBA in the case of a force majeure event by providing 60 days’ notice. It’s not clear that it would be advantageous for it to do so unless next season were also in jeopardy, but the language is in there.
Kristen Kenney: Thank you for your concern & constant support. I tested negative and am now back home. I am grateful for the way our team @utahjazz & the health officials in Oklahoma and Utah went above and beyond to make us feel safe and cared for during an unprecedented time. 🙏
“You just got to take care of yourself,” Fertitta said on CNBC. “There’s no reason to panic even when they announce that another 100,000 people have it, OK? People are going to get this. People are at home with it, just don’t go to work and you don’t give it to other people, don’t go to a ballgame and give it to other people. Everybody just needs to take care of themselves and we all need to have good habits right now. “We’re going to find out every day that more people have this, but we’ve got to go on about our lives. But you’re not going to die from this. You can take your rarest diseases that you get in America and not as many people are going to die from the Coronavirus as die from these [rare diseases].”
Fertitta was asked how his Chinese restaurant businesses were faring after a rapid spread that only hit Beijing less than two months ago. His answer is ominous for the NBA, which has only just begun this fight. “Let me use just one word: bad,” Fertitta said while chuckling. “You know, it’s so funny. I’m going to tell you something funny, is the fact that -- and it’s not funny -- but we were finally able to reopen a Morton’s in Beijing the other day and this has never happened in all my 30, 40 years with any of my restaurants, but we (re)opened the restaurant …”
“It is insane,” Green said in a phone interview on Thursday. “It’s one of those things where it doesn’t hit home until it hits home. The stuff that happened with the Jazz, honestly, just put everybody on alert. You’re thinking, ‘It won’t happen to me. It won’t happen to me. It can’t happen to me.’ Then it happens to someone in your same field. Someone you’re on the court with four times a year — and you’re playing against players he played against. To be honest, it makes me think about everybody who possibly could be affected that don’t necessarily have health care or enough resources to get through this.”
Bovada Sportsbook has offered bettors the opportunity to wager on when the NBA will officially return to the hardwood. It is listing April 15th as the proposed date to wager on. Bettors expecting a lengthier absence have to lay juice of -230. Those who expect the suspension to last only about a month can wager on it a plus-odds.
Shams Charania: NBA has informed franchises that "each team is encouraged" to conduct educational meeting by Monday for players/staff with physicians to discuss coronavirus situation -- either in person (appropriate spacing) or remotely. Several teams had such meetings before suspended season.
Anthony Slater: Warriors players, coaches, staffers haven’t and, at this point, won’t receive COVID-19 testing unless they show symptoms. Just isn’t the capacity for it yet. Franchise is kind of in a freeze and isolation mode like rest of the league/country. More direction from NBA next week.
David Locke: I am home safely. I tested negative. Thanks for everyone who has reached out to me. Enormous thanks to all the members of the @Utah Jazz who went beyond their regular duties to keep us safe and get us home. Look forward to talking soon.
Jeff Goodman: Utah Jazz coach Quin Snyder had multiple meetings with the players about the seriousness of Coronavirus, source told @Stadium. Also had a doctor come in and talk to the team separately.
Sarah K. Spencer: No Hawks players have exhibited any signs of coronavirus, as of now. The league has not asked the Hawks to self-quarantine or get tested for coronavirus, since they have not played the Jazz.
Zach Lowe: E-sports, too: the NBA 2K League is expected to announce tonight that it is postponing the start of its season, which had been scheduled to begin on March 24. The league and 2K are working closely to see if it is possible to play games remotely, source says.
Shams Charania: The NBA has informed all 30 teams on policies effective immediately and through March 16, including: - All players must remain in market of team - Players remain home as long as possible - NO group workouts, practices - Team physicians/trainers speak to each player once a day
In a video posted to the message board website Reddit, Gobert can be seen removing his arm sleeves after the Jazz's 111-105 victory. He hands one of them to a child as he exits the court, then hands the other arm sleeve to another child as he heads into the tunnel. In a video posted to the message board website Reddit, Gobert can be seen removing his arm sleeves after the Jazz's 111-105 victory. He hands one of them to a child as he exits the court, then hands the other arm sleeve to another child as he heads into the tunnel.
The NBA will go on a 30-day hiatus due to the coronavirus, league sources told Yahoo Sports following a call that included all NBA owners and commissioner Adam Silver.
The league likely won’t consider re-opening its doors to players, let alone fans, until a 14-day period following the last positive test, sources said. The 14-day period is the guideline for those quarantined from the time of diagnosis. The suggestion: No matter when it occurs in the league process, if a player tests positive, the league’s 14-day clock to return to business will reset.
Tim Bontemps: Meanwhile, on the basketball side of things, both the Jordan Brand Classic and the McDonald's All-American Game have been canceled. If Nike Hoop Summit hasn't already, seems inevitable that will be, too. In addition to the NBA season being disrupted, draft process will be, too.
Emmanuel Mudiay: Firstly, thanks to everyone for the positive words. Yesterday I got tested for the Covid-19 virus. By God’s grace it came out negative. Despite my teammates and I taking necessary precautions, it didn’t turn out as expected. To my guys @Donovan Mitchell @Rudy Gobert, God speed🙏🏾❤️
Jordan Clarkson: Thank you for all the love and prayers sent my way! I have been tested and i am good, wild 24 hrs glad i am healthy! Keeping my teammates @Donovan Mitchell & @Rudy Gobert in my heart as they get better going through this process! Love ✌🏽💜
Georges Niang: After a crazy 24 hours I am healthy, I am home safe, my tests came back negative! thank you all for the love and support! Let’s continue to make our environment safe with the knowledge that we have and keep supporting and sending love to our guys @Donovan Mitchell and @Rudy Gobert
Candace Buckner: Though under self-quarantine no #Wizards player has been tested for the novel coronavirus today, I'm told. Players, coaches and basketball ops staffers are to report flu-like symptoms to team doc immediately and per the team's statement earlier today, then they will be tested
The Jordan Brand Classic, Nike’s premier high-school all-American game, announced cancellations of both the boys’ and girls’ games, set to tipoff March 27. “As we continue to navigate through the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we are cancelling this year’s Jordan Brand Classic planned for March 27,” Jordan Brand said in a news release.
Chris Forsberg: Maine Red Claws, G-League affiliate of the Celtics, release a statement saying no players or fans were put at risk for coronavirus while Vincent Poirier and Carsen Edwards were on assignment in Maine last week.
Eric Woodyard: Courtney Kirkland has been tested for #coronavirus today, a source confirmed. He may have to wait up to 4 days to receive the results, but is isolating himself from family and others until he gets the results. Kirkland was one of the officials for Utah-Toronto game in SLC Monday.
Royce O'Neale: Appreciate all the love and support. I’m good and okay. Everybody make sure you stay safe and take care of yourself 🙏🏾 We here for you guy @Donovan Mitchell and @Rudy Gobert healthy recovery for you guys 🤙🏾🤙🏾
Tom Moore: #Sixers source: 'Team is temporarily self-quarantining players, coaches and select support staff. … (They're) organizing for #76ers players to get coronavirus testing as well as testing for support staff who came in close contact or exhibit symptoms."
Chris Kirschner: Hawks owner Tony Ressler is joining Mark Cuban in making sure the arena’s hourly employees will continue to have income. Ressler: “We are indeed and feel strongly it’s both the right thing to do and good business.”
The Portland Trail Blazers are asking season ticket holders and other fans with tickets for “patience” as they “navigate ... uncharted waters" in the aftermath of the NBA’s decision to suspend the regular season because of concerns over coronavirus. In an email sent to season ticket holders late Wednesday night, the team said it was working with the NBA to grasp the scope of the suspension and how it would impact the rest of the season.
Stefan Bondy: Mayor DiBlasio said Madison Square Garden will likely be closed for months. Don't see how the NBA can play again this season. Maybe a truncated postseason.
Vincent Goodwill: Source to @YahooSports: NBA Owner call just ended. 30 day shutdown then everything will be re-assessed. Some suggested every player will be tested for COVID-19 in the meantime
Adrian Wojnarowski: NBA owners are encouraging of commissioner Adam Silver to re-evaluate the league's suspension in 30 days, sources tell ESPN. League is expected to make a formal announcement on an initial timetable soon.
Eric Walden: Rudy Gobert addresses his diagnosis: “I would like to publicly apologize to the people that I may have endangered. At the time, I had no idea I was even infected. I was careless and make no excuse. I hope my story serves as a warning and causes everyone to take this seriously.”
In the interim, Nike’s businesses in China, Europe and even in the U.S. are expected to take a hit, as the virus remains uncontained. U.S. footwear imports from China just had their worst January in a decade, for example, meaning shoes are not coming into the U.S. in as large quantities as they typically do. Manufacturing facilities in China, where 70% of footwear sold in the U.S. originates, are not yet back up and running at full capacity.
Adidas is now expecting first-quarter sales to drop by up to 1 billion euros ($1.14 billion) in greater China and operating profit to decline by between 400 million and 500 million euros. It has not yet factored a global hit from COVID-19 into its full-year outlook. Under Armour, meantime, in February said it anticipated the outbreak in China to lower sales by roughly $50 million to $60 million during its fiscal first quarter. That was, notably, before the virus started to hit Europe and North America much harder.
There were no plans for Nuggets players to be tested for COVID-19 as of Thursday morning, according to the source, after the team traveled home from Dallas late Wednesday night. The Nuggets have tests available should the need arise.
Will players stay in Charlotte, with no indication whether any of the Hornets’ remaining 17 games will be played? “The first thing is to stay calm and gather some more information,” said Borrego, whose team is 23-42, seven games out of a playoff spot. “The next 24 hours, we’ll figure out with the guys. Let’s get home tonight, let’s be safe tonight. Then, figure things out over the next few days.”
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May 15, 2022 | 11:05 pm EDT Update
“Giannis is the best player in the world. You can see why a lot of people say that,” Celtics guard Jaylen Brown said. “He’s just relentless in his approach. He is aggressive all the time. He’s not going to be denied. And that was tough for us in the series.” Antetokounmpo finished the semifinals with back-to-back 20-point, 20-rebound games. He had 44 points and 20 rebounds in Game 6, and 25 points and 20 rebounds with 9 assists in Game 7. And they were both losses. Antetokounmpo joined Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain as the only players to lose consecutive postseason games with a 20-20, according to ESPN Stats & Information research.
Antetokounmpo started off hot on Sunday, going 6-for-10 in the first half for 17 points before he appeared to get fatigued while struggling down the stretch. He shot just 4 of 16 in the second half with 8 points as the Celtics pulled away after halftime. “Legs heavy. Body heavy. Mind heavy. Everything was heavy,” Antetokounmpo said with a smile after the game. “I was just trying to be aggressive. At the end of the day, it’s Game 7 and I’m not going to hold the ball and not look at the rim, I’d rather miss a bunch of shots and keep playing and keep coming and keep being aggressive. Keep looking for my teammates and keep making the right plays then go in passive mode. I can live with that.”