NBA rumors: No player options, final season partially guaranteed on Michael Porter extension

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Bobby Marks: Here is the rookie max extension for Michael Porter Jr: 2022/23- $29.8M 2023/24- $32.1M 2024/25- $34.5M 2025/26- $36.9M 2026/27- $39.3M The contract is based on 25% of a $119M salary cap in 2022-23.
Bobby Marks: Denver will become the 4th team in 2022-23 that has 3 players on max contracts. - Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. They will join Brooklyn (KD, Harden, Kyrie), GSW (Steph, Klay, Wiggins) and LAL (LeBron, AD, Russ)
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October 19, 2021 | 5:05 pm EDT Update
Harrison Wind: Michael Malone on Nikola Jokic entering the season: “I think he’s in a good place…I think he’s a little bit, probably, fatigued, like most first time dads are. That’s not something that is out of the ordinary. This is life. We’ll help Nikola get through it. That’s where it can’t be all Nikola every night. Other guys have to step up and bring their game and contribute to the cause. We know we’re capable of doing that. The challenge is how consistently can we do that?”
October 19, 2021 | 3:54 pm EDT Update