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July 5, 2022 | 7:01 pm EDT Update
According to Summer League head coach Ryan Bowen, Murray was there on his own accord and wanted to keep playing even for the portion of the practice that was open to the media. Though that didn’t happen, the reviews on Murray’s movements were all positive. His mere presence had a palpable impact on the atmosphere. “It’s huge,” Bowen said. “You got Jamal Murray playing with our Summer League guys. … Everyone wants to watch him play. The guys want to watch him play.” Bowen said Murray participated in non-contact drills Monday that immediately ratcheted up the competitiveness. “It was great to see him out there,” Bowen said.
And Cunningham is Detroit’s best playmaker, which will take pressure off of Ivey to create for others. “I’m just trying to learn, most importantly, what he goes to and how I can help benefit his game,” Ivey said of Cunningham. “We’re just there for each other. We’re still a work in progress, still learning. We’re not going to get it on the same day, so it’s going to take some practices to get used to that. I feel like as a team, we’re coming together and we’re trying to build something here. We just have to keep working as partners.”
Isaiah Joe fits the profile of the 76ers’ prototypical reserve. The third-year guard is an accomplished three-point shooter and a solid defender. However, Joe couldn’t stay in the Sixers’ rotation this past regular season. He followed that up by playing a total of 1 minute, 8 seconds in the final four games of the second-round playoff loss to the Miami Heat. Even that’s a bit misleading, considering those minutes came in mop-up duty in the series-ending Game 6. The problem was Joe didn’t always flourish when called up.
“That’s the thing, last year was consistency,” Joe said. “So that’s the thing I really want to build is consistency, especially for a contending team. They don’t have any time for inconsistent players. So they are really looking for consistency out of me just like they are looking for consistency out of [star players] Joel [Embiid] and James [Harden]. “It’s not going to change. So I can’t come in and slack. I got to be able to come in and excel.”