NBA rumors: Partick Mills mum on free agency

Mike Finger: Had a nice conversation with Patty Mills about the 2014 “Beautiful Game” Spurs and his currently rolling Boomers. As for whether he’ll have a new NBA contract by the time we see him again Tuesday? “That’s kept in the inner circle,” he said. “In the Australian trenches.”

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Mark Murphy: Hearing that the Celtics have a list of "seven or eight" free agent targets, including Spurs point guard Patty Mills. ... Discussions between team and Evan Fournier are ongoing, but not close to resolution.
Paul Garcia: Patty back. The Spurs have officially re-signed Patty Mills:… #GoSpursGo #Bala
If he keeps it up, Mills, could wind up with a nice boost in salary beyond the $3.57 million he's set to earn this season. "He is a Spur," Green said. "I don't see us letting him get away, but we will worry about that at the end of the season."
You will be a free agent next offseason. How much will the opportunity to be a starter influence your decision on where to play? Patrick Mills: It's a factor that I can't ignore. I've obviously wanted to be a starting point guard in the NBA for a long time as a goal. But you know, every situation is different, and I've learned stuff along the way. I think I'm a better point guard now than I was when I first came to San Antonio. That credit goes to the environment here and how I've been able to develop my game. That's something that I'm going to have to consider. It's not the be-all and end-all of my decision, but we'll see when it comes. This is obviously a big year for our team and trying to be able to concentrate and stay focused team-wise on trying to get to that next level of a championship. But if I can concentrate and focus on this team and what I can do to help this team, I think everything else will take care of itself.
You're a long way from the end of your career, but would you have interest in playing in the Australian NBL (National Basketball League) when you're done competing in the NBA? Patrick Mills: It's definitely a consideration -- especially how well the NBL is doing now. They have my full backing and support, because the league has definitely risen to a whole other level in the last couple years, which is pleasing to see. I definitely would consider playing back in Australia at the end of my career. Not a lot of my family have been able to come over [to the U.S.] and watch me play. To be able to play in front of family and friends is very important to me, [so they could] be able to see me play live and not just on TV.
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