NBA rumors: Pistons setting eyes on Jalen Brunson?

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Tim MacMahon: This I know: Jalen Brunson's preference would be to stay in Dallas. He ain't taking a discount to do it. He wants to get paid, period. Preferably in Dallas. I've asked around about that, I feel like I've got very strong information there.
Zach Lowe: I've heard competing intel on Brunson. How scared they are that Brunson is going to leave in free agency. Let's put it that way. There are some teams who are telling me, 'Well, the Mavs are projecting confidence that Brunson is going to stay, they have the means to to re-sign Brunson.'
Brunson has thus far been resistant to accepting the four-year, $56 million extension that Dallas can offer him through June. The estimated $56 million figure is the most the Mavericks can offer Brunson working off his bargain $1.8 million salary in the final year of Brunson's original four-year deal. The former Villanova star, who for the last two seasons has proven to be the most reliable Maverick not from Slovenia, is said to want more … something in the $18 million range annually.
Scotto: I’ve heard Jalen Brunson has some admirers in Detroit. They have cap space and are a team to keep an eye on towards the summer. If Dallas is able to enter the mix for Jerami Grant and acquire him, don’t be surprised if either Brunson or Finney-Smith is involved in a trade package. If Dallas is going to part with either player, they’re going to want an asset that helps them win now.
Dallas already has a full roster heading into next season and are right at the projected $145 million luxury tax when accounting for their 2022 first-round pick. Both Jalen Brunson and Dorian Finney-Smith are set to become unrestricted free agents this offseason and are extension-eligible throughout the rest of this season. Bringing back just one of these players will put them over the luxury tax. This predicament could lead them to some tough decisions this month. The Mavericks could look to offload several players under contract for next season if they want to bring both Brunson and Finney-Smith back without increasing the payroll too much.
Brunson faces a similar market, but the guard is believed by many to be seeking near a four-year, $80 million contract. That is a large number, especially for a player that several competing executives think is too big of a target defensively in the playoffs.
Dallas has been trying to get into the trade mix for Myles Turner or John Collins. Jalen Brunson and Dorian Finney-Smith, two low-salaried but highly rated Mavericks headed for unrestricted free agency this summer barring contract extensions by June 30, have no shortage of suitors.
Behind the scenes, Mavericks officials continue to express confidence that they will re-sign Brunson, who becomes an unrestricted free agent in July if Dallas does not sign him to a contract extension by June 30. Brunson and defensive specialist Dorian Finney-Smith are both eligible for extensions before the end of this salary-cap year and the Mavericks naturally hope to keep both given the significant roles they've seized.
Now it’s up to Dallas’ new coach, Jason Kidd, to decide whether Brunson, a second-round pick out of Villanova, is the guy to build around and lock in long term. The Mavericks will exercise his team option for next season and can offer him an extension. If Kidd lowballs him, Brunson will decline and the Mavericks will be forced to trade him or risk losing Brunson to 2022 free agency. The Knicks have Brunson on their radar.
Brunson, who scored 15 points with seven assists and five rebounds in a win over the Knicks on April 2, has a non-guaranteed year left on his pact. The Mavericks, whom the Knicks visit on Friday night, could let Brunson become a restricted free agent and match any offer this summer. Or they could let him become an unrestricted free agent in 2022. The guard is the son of former Knick Rick Brunson. The Knicks have had their eye on Jalen Brunson, whose father was one of Thibodeau’s assistant coaches with the Bulls and Timberwolves.
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