NBA rumors: Quin Snyder: I can't really articulate how much Joe Ingles meant to Jazz

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Joe Ingles: Today hurts… I knew it was a possibility but didn’t want to believe it, we have been lucky to call this place home for 8 years! I got a lot more to say, but I’m going to have a beer & relax with some good friends.. Go get a win fellas! I’ll always be watching ❤️
Utah is shopping the expiring contract of Joe Ingles ($13 million) in the hopes of landing a defensive minded wing. There’s interest in Boston’s Josh Richardson but, as noted above, the resurgent Celtics aren’t interested in dumping players, particularly not Richardson, who has emerged as a valued member of Udoka’s rotation.
But, it is more difficult. Ingles himself knows and acknowledges that his contract could be traded by Thursday. He also told the media recently that he would welcome a potential return to the Jazz. The Jazz themselves also are not closing the proverbial book on a potential return, even if he is traded in the coming days.
League sources say that the Jazz did entertain the prospect of trading Ingles in the offseason, before Ainge joined them, but ultimately decided it couldn’t stomach the culture hit of sending him away. Ainge, as we all know by now, is far less sentimental than most. He’s capable of trading pretty much anyone.
Michael Scotto: Joe Ingles’ name has come up since the draft in trade talks, according to rival executives I’ve spoken to. It’s unclear who’s initiating that, but his name has been brought up.
If Jazz forward Joe Ingles is indeed available for trade, sources say the Warriors do have interest — just no good way to get him. Ingles, approaching 34, fits the Warriors’ need for a veteran and another offensive playmaker. His passing would fit perfectly with the Warriors. He can run point forward and spot up off the ball, making him viable with the starters and the second unit. He’s got 45 playoff games under his belt. He shot a career-best 45.1 percent from 3 on a career-high 6.1 attempts per game — his third season at 44 percent or above. He’s also reputed for being a great guy and would add to the culture of the locker room.
The most viable option to get Ingles is to see where Oubre Jr. signs and try to convert it into a sign-and-trade. In that scenario, the Warriors would get a traded player exception in exchange for Oubre and they could use that exception to get Ingles, if he is available. But that’s adding $13 million (plus the repeater tax) to what is already the league’s highest payroll. Ingles is good, but is he good enough for Lacob to stomach the added cost? The Warriors could keep the TPE for potential use later, but the same question would come up.
Are Bojan Bogdanovic and Joe Ingles really on the trading block? If so, what is the expectation of what they could bring back? — Tanner P. I’m very careful to not throw names out in terms of trades. I haven’t heard either of those names from any of my concrete sources, otherwise, I would have reported it. I know the Jazz want to get better and are all-in on trying to put themselves in a position to win a championship next season. I know that they will be aggressive in pursuit of that goal. That is what I can currently tell you from a factual standpoint.
However, sources suggested that Bojan Bogdanovic and Joe Ingles were also bandied about as available if the Jazz could get a significant upgrade, which would be a major shakeup for the team, especially with Mike Conley headed to unrestricted free agency this summer.
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