NBA rumors: Russell Westbrook would welcome trade?

Adrian Wojnarowski: Story filed to ESPN: In aftermath of Paul George’s departure, OKC star Russell Westbrook is welcoming to idea of Sam Presti engineering a trade that would bring an end to his illustrious 11-year Thunder tenure. Miami’s expressed interest, a destination that appeals to Westbrook.

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Westbrook has a massive contract, with four years and $170 million remaining. He also has a game built upon athleticism and will turn 31 in November. That combination, along with a strong personality, is why the prevailing opinion among insiders is that the Miami Heat are the most likely landing spot.
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May 10, 2021 | 3:16 pm EDT Update

Players, agents taking note of Knicks' impressive season

But there’s a question that’s looming for Rose and his group. It’s the same question that past Knicks regimes have faced over the last 20 years: Is the league-wide perception of the team changing? To try to answer that question, we spoke to agents, current and former scouts and execs, and players and asked a simple question: What is the perception of the Knicks?
In the Knicks’ defense, they probably get inundated with calls/emails from agents looking to find a job for their clients. And just because this group of agents didn’t get their calls returned immediately doesn’t mean the Knicks were ignoring calls from most agents. But the NBA is a relationship business. And the agent you’re overlooking today may have a player next year whom you’re interested in signing. This season, the group of agents referenced above has noticed something new about New York. They say Rose and his front office return calls/emails/texts promptly. And they are upfront in their communications. “That’s all you can ask for,” another agent says.